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Export Control Training Videos

Find short training videos for researchers and staff on areas of export control.

Export Controls

A basic overview of export controls regulations and licensing requirements that apply to researchers at UCSD. Learn about license exceptions such as the fundamental research exclusion and its limitations to certain export transactions.

University Export Controls on UC Learning (login required)

Traveling Abroad

Export controls apply to travel abroad to sanctioned countries. Includes hand carrying research equipment abroad.

Traveling Abroad on UC Learning (login required)

International Shipping Overview

Legal requirements for international shipping. Includes import and export requirements that impact shipments for UCSD.

International Shipping Overview on UC Learning (login required)

International Shipping Documentation

US government and foreign customs documentation requirements for international shipments. Includes documents, terminology and import/export requirements.

International Shipping Documentation on UC Learning (login required)


The International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) regulates military controlled items on the US Munitions List. Learn key terms that may indicate ITAR controlled items and technology control plan requirements. Includes export licensing and foreign national access control requirements for items controlled by ITAR.

ITAR training on UC Learning (login required)


The Office of Foreign Asset Controls (OFAC) list of sanctioned countries includes: Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Syria, and Sudan. Travel, collaboration and import/export involving these countries and other individuals identified by OFAC have special licensing requirements and exceptions.

OFAC training on UC Learning (login required)

Biological Agents

Export licensing requirements for certain biological and genomic materials.

Biological Agents on UC Learning (login required)

Webinar: Biological and Chemical Export Controls That Impact University Research: What You Need to Know from April 30, 2014.

Restricted Party Screening

The U.S. government restricts collaborating with or shipping to certain individuals or organizations. In this video you will learn what a restricted party is, when to screen for them, and how the screening is done here at UC San Diego in order to maintain compliance with United States Export Control Regulations.

Restrictive Party Training on UC Learning (login required)

Export Control for Restricted Parties

This video provides an overview of Restricted Party and Sanctions Screening and answers the “what, when and how” regarding the responsibility of researchers to screen all potential collaborations, awards, agreements and financial transactions with foreign entities or persons against US government watch lists.

Export Control for Restricted Parties (login required)

Export Control for Temporary Exports

This video provides information about Temporary Exports (exported goods which will return to the U.S. within (1) year) including the various ways to ship or hand-carry goods internationally and the trade, duty and tax implications and exemptions of the various methods.  It also covers required Electronic Export Information filing (EEI) for Temporary Exports.

Export Control for Temporary Exports (login required)

Foreign National Export Control Considerations

This video provides information about what qualifies as an export (disclosures of “controlled” technical data or technology, whether written, oral or visual to a “foreign person” in the U.S. or abroad) and how to know when an export license is required.  It also provides an overview of Fundamental Research Exemptions (FREs) and the conditions under which they may or may not apply to your export.

Foreign National Export Control Considerations (login required)

UCSD Export Control is available to present customized training for your laboratory or department on request. Contact with your training request.

For more information, please email Export Control or call (858) 246-3300.