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About Export Control

Learn about the UC San Diego Export Control team and services.

UC San Diego Departmental Export Control Responsibilities (PDF)

Export Control identifies and manages export risks and provides export licenses in support of the research activities of university faculty, staff, and students.

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Services We Provide

The duties of the Export Control Office are to:
  • Determine whether the activity is subject to U.S. jurisdiction
  • Classify the technology or goods involved (e.g., subject to ITAR, EAR, or other controls)
  • Work with researchers to develop Technology Control Plans
  • Determine whether any embargoes apply or whether any prohibited parties or destinations are involved
  • Determine if a license is needed for the particular technology and particular end-use and end-user
  • Determine if any license exemptions or exceptions are available (e.g., public domain, fundamental research, etc.)
  • Determine if a license is required, and if so apply promptly and keep records
  • Provide customized training on various export control topics

About UC San Diego's Export Control Office

Brittany WhitingBrittany Whiting

Brittany Whiting is the Export Control Officer and serves as the campus leader and resource for designing, developing, and implementing an export control education, licensing, and compliance program.

The Export Control Officer's primary responsibility is to provide support and expertise in international trade areas. She has held positions in higher education at UC Santa Cruz, and in industry with Quantum 3D in San Jose and, most recently, with Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) in Austin.

Having worked in more than 25 countries with leading international companies and organizations, Ms. Whiting is a recognized international trade consultant and trainer and has served as director for the Silicon Valley Center for International Trade Development and as a contractor for organizations such as the United Nations Environment Programme and the U.S. Agency for International Development. 

Ms. Whiting received her Bachelor’s Degree in International Affairs and Latin American Studies at George Washington University and holds a Master’s Degree in International Commerce and Policy from George Mason University.

Garrett EatonBrittany Whiting

Garrett Eaton is the Facility Security Officer (FSO) and Senior Export Analyst for the campus. He manages and oversees the operation of the National Industrial Security Program at the Marine Physical Laboratory (MPL) and UCSD, ensuring compliance with Federal regulations and University policies and practices. He also supports UCSD’s Export Control Officer, Brittany Whiting, providing an extended knowledge base and resource for campus compliance with export regulations.

MPL was founded by basic and applied researchers conducting important, ground-breaking underwater acoustics research in support of WWII. MPL researchers continue this legacy today with cutting-edge oceanographic research in support of the defense community. After 10 years at MPL, Garrett gained an exceptional understanding of the procedures and regulations that enable this type of research to take place within the academic setting.

Garrett received his Bachelor’s Degree in Literature and Composition at Arizona State University.

Ryan K. Jordan

Ryan Jordan supports UCSD’s Export Control Officer, Brittany Whiting, providing an extended knowledge base and resource for campus compliance with export regulations.

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