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Export Control: Policies and Regulations

Find links to policies and regulations relating to export control.

UC System Export and DURC Policies

Other UC Policies With Export Requirements

  • Unmanned Aircraft System (Drone) Policy
    • Any exports must go through campus export control.
    • All UAS activity for University Business in foreign nations or by foreign nationals must follow export control regulations and the UC Export Control Policy. • All UAS activity involving the export of a UAS internationally or use of an export-controlled UAS must be reviewed by the appropriate export control officer.
  • BFB-BUS-38: Disposition of Excess Property and Transfer of University-Owned Property
    • Foreign Sale, Transfer or Donation: No sale, transfer or donation of property may be made to a foreign destination (including Canada and Mexico), and no property shipped outside the U.S., until (a) the appropriate export license has been obtained or (b) it has been determined that the property being exported does not require an export license. Such determination shall be made by the University location’s Export Control Compliance Officer (or equivalent position).
  • BFB-BUS-50: Controlled Substances
    • Exports: The University does not permit the export of Dangerous Drugs including Controlled Substances, federal List I and II chemicals, or California-listed chemicals acquired under a University DEA registration or using University funds without first obtaining explicit permission from the DEA Office of Diversion Control Import/Export Unit and institution’s Responsible Official.
  • International Activities

Federal Regulations on Export Control

For more information, please email Export Control or call (858) 246-3300.