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Occupational Health Services: Costs

UCOP funding covers most costs for pre-authorized occupational health services.

What is covered

Funding from UCOP Risk Management covers the cost of pre-authorized occupational health services received by paid employees or registered volunteers through the EH&S Occupational Health Nurse and UC San Diego Center for Occupational & Environmental Medicine (COEM).

Funding covers services such as:

Excluded from coverage are respirator fit tests and ergonomic assessments provided by the EH&S Occupational Health & Hygiene (OHHS) division.

For staff who are not in a UC San Diego paid or registered volunteer assignment (see Who is covered below) local EH&S funding will currently continue to cover vaccination costs. Other medical services or screening costs for non-covered staff will be recharged to the department account code.

Who is covered

Who is covered and not covered by UCOP funding
Covered 1 Not covered 2
UC San Diego staff Visiting scientist/researcher
UC San Diego faculty Affiliate
UC San Diego registered volunteer Non-registered volunteer
UC San Diego-paid undergraduate student Non-paid undergraduate student
UC San Diego-paid graduate student Non-paid graduate student

1 Covered assignments must provide their department recharge account code to COEM to be used for tracking purposes.

2 Not covered assignments must have an approved form from the COEM provider to recharge the EH&S account code for vaccination costs. COEM may also ask for your department recharge account code for tracking purposes.

Get pre-authorization for services

COEM is the only acceptable service providers for UC San Diego personnel.

COEM services must be pre-authorized by their office to be covered by UCOP funding.

  • Contact COEM below this page to obtain pre-authorization for services before making a COEM appointment.

Department recharge account code

Employees must provide a department account code when receiving services, generally to be used for tracking purposes only. However, if services have not been authorized by the COEM provider, the department account code will be recharged.

Questions? Contact COEM (858) 249-5015.