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Controlled Substances: Training

See required training for UC San Diego researchers using controlled substances (CS) for research, teaching, or veterinary care purposes.

CS Training requirement

PIs, CSUA Lab Contacts, and Authorized Personnel working with CS are required to complete the CS Training eCourse on UC Learning Center, with refresher training required every 4 years.

Participants learn how to use CS in compliance with institutional and regulatory standards. Topics include secure use of the Controlled Substance Use Authorization (CSUA) and online CSUA application; storage site controls and security; ordering, delivery, and receipt of CS; CS Usage Logs and Biennial Inventory; policies regarding disposal, transfer, importing, and exporting CS; diversion and loss reporting; and illicit activities and repercussions.

How to get training:

  • Complete the Controlled Substances eCourse on UC Learning Center.
  • Re-take the eCourse every 4 years to meet the refresher requirement.

When you complete the CS Training eCourse, UC Learning Center will notify the Controlled Substances Program (CSP) and your training status will be documented in the online CSUA application.

How to view a lab's training history

If you are the CSUA Lab Contact or the PI of a CSUA:

  1. Use Single Sign-On to login to the CSUA application.
  2. Click on the My CSUA tab, select the CSUA number and then click the View/Amend button at the bottom of the page.
  3. From this page, select the “3-Authorized Personnel” hyperlink on the left-hand side of the screen. This will display a list of current and pending Authorized Personnel and their training status.
  4. To see exact training dates for each person, select the individual and click the View/Edit button. A detailed popup window will appear.

Note: CS training data is not editable in the CSUA. The information is updated daily when the CSP receives an email confirmation of training completion from UC Learning Center.

Other resources

Questions? Contact the Controlled Substances Program, (858) 534-1362 or (858) 534-9016.
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