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Controlled Substances: Additional Authorizations and Registrations

Read about authorizations and registrations you may need to obtain in addition to a Controlled Substances Use Authorization (CSUA).

Depending on the purpose and the schedule number of the controlled substances (CS) your work involves, state, federal, and university regulations may require that other, additional authorizations, registrations, and protocols be obtained when you apply for a CSUA.

Possible additional authorizations and registrations include:

UC San Diego IACUC Animal Use Protocol

Work with CS involving research animals at UC San Diego requires Animal Use Protocol approval and oversight by the Institutional Animal Care and Use Program Committee (IACUC). When using CS with animals, the first step in the process of acquiring CS is to get IACUC approval for the project being proposed. 

If Schedule I controlled substances are to be used in animal research, the protocol will need to be approved by IACUC prior to DEA and RAPC application submission. The IACUC protocol and approval letter are required components of the application.

  • Read the IACUC What You Need to Know page for application procedures.
  • IACUC shares section 17 animal protocol data with the CSP. Ensure compliance in section 17 by:
    • Listing all CS administered to animals. It is insufficient to list the CS solely outside of section 17.
    • Amend your IACUC protocol to add CS, if necessary.
  • Contact the IACUC, (858) 534-6069, if you have questions.

Research Advisory Panel of California

In addition to a CSUA, California requires pre-review and authorization of proposed research projects involving any of the following:

  • Any Schedule I CS
  • Human research using any Schedule I or Schedule II CS

Allow for processing time if your research project requires Research Advisory Panel authorization. At least 8 weeks before CS are to be ordered, submit a Research Application to the California Research Advisory Panel.

Follow the steps below:

  1. See the Research Advisory Panel of California Web site for application forms and submittal procedures.
  2. Contact UC San Diego's CSP, (858) 534-1362, prior to initiating the application.
  3. Apply directly to the Research Advisory Panel in coordination with the Controlled Substances Program.
  4. Email a copy of the authorization you receive to the Controlled Substances Program.

This review and authorization is conducted through the Research Advisory Panel of California in the Attorney General's Office.

Project-specific Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) registration

Additional, project-specific DEA registrations are required for:

  • The CS designated as Schedule I (PDF)
  • If research requires the manufacturing of a CS

Contact the Controlled Substances Program, (858) 534-1362, for DEA registration application instructions prior to initiating application.

For more information, contact the Controlled Substances Program, (858) 534-1362 or (858) 534-9016.