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NIH Late Submission Policy for PIs

Information on NIH Late Submission Policy for PIs.

​Per NIH, "Permission is not granted in advance for submission of a late application. Late applications are accepted only in extenuating circumstances. If an application is submitted late, a cover letter explaining the reasons for the delay must be included with the signed, completed application. Late applications are evaluated on an individual basis considering the reasons provided. Contacting the Division of Receipt and Referral in advance will not influence the acceptance of a late application. See NIH Guide Notice dated December 17, 2014, NOT-OD-15-039: NIH Policy on Late Submission of Grant Applications."

For those that are eligible, there is a two week window of consideration after the application due date, where NIH may consider accepting your application. 

FOA Type
PA* PAR* RFA* Notes
2 Week 2 Week 2 Week
None Application Due Dates Field states: "No late applications will be accepted for this Funding Opportunity Announcement"
*Includes PAS: Program Announcement with Set-Aside Funds

Examples of Reasons Why Late Applications Might Be Accepted
  • Death of an immediate family member of the PD/PI (or MPI).
  • Sudden acute severe illness of the PD/PI (MPI) or immediate family member.
  • Temporary or ad hoc service by a PD/PI on an NIH advisory group during the two months preceding or the two months following the application due date. Examples of qualifying service include: participation in an NIH study section/special emphasis panel, NIH Board of Scientific Counselors, Program Advisory Committee, or an NIH Advisory Board/Council. Qualifying service does not include participation in NIH activities other than those involved in extramural/intramural peer review or NIH Advisory Council/Board service.
  • Delays due to weather, natural disasters, or other emergency situations, not to exceed the time the applicant organization is closed.
  • For PD/PIs who are eligible for continuous submission

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