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Federal Sponsors

Find links to information about working with federal sponsors.

Things to consider reading the Funding Opportunity Announcement (FAO):

  • Know your deadline: Proposal submission deadlines may be specific and strict. What is the time of the deadline and what time zone is it in?
  • Institutional eligibility: What type of institution is the FAO intended for? How many proposals are allowed per institution? Does the institution or laboratory have the ability, enough resources, and leadership support?
  • PI eligibility:  Does the investigator have the required level of experience?
  • Submission method: Who has access to the system? Who needs approval and submission access in the system?
  • Institutional approval: Who has the institutional authority?
  • Reporting requirements: What are the reporting requirements, e.g. how frequently are they required?

Find additional information on working with common federal sponsors:

For more information or questions email