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Kuali Research - Information for Faculty

This page contains information for faculty on proposal submission timelines, answering the Compliance Questionnaire and Certification in Kuali Research, and searching and viewing a proposal in Kuali Research.

Read the all campus announcement or go to Enterprise Systems Renewal (ESR) to learn more about Kuali Research.

Proposal Submission Timelines

To successfully manage the increasing volume of proposals combined with new regulatory compliances, timelines have been established and will be monitored by campus leadership. For more information visit Proposal Submission Timelines – 14/5/2.

The Importance of Kuali Research Proposal Certifications by Principal Investigators

Research at an accredited academic institution is complex and highly regulated.  With a recent uptick in sponsor, the U.S. government and public scrutiny, it has become critical to emphasize full adherence to upholding institutional commitments to support proposed research applications.  One of these commitments is in ensuring Principal Investigators (PI) respond to the Kuali Research proposal development Compliance Questionnaire and complete the PI Certification.

The Compliance Questionnaire is an important element when preparing each research application because it collects essential project information for which the PI is uniquely qualified to ensure the answers are factually accurate.  Incomplete or incorrect answers to the Research Questionnaire poses significant risk for compliance with institutional and sponsor requirements for conflict of interest, export control, foreign influence, human research, health and safety and PI eligibility.  The answers to the questions trigger systematically designed institutional actions that ensure a) flow of information to appropriate compliance offices, b) conforms with federal, state and UC requirements and c) accurately classifies the project for transparency and institutional reporting.   

 The PI Certification provides the assurances necessary to acknowledge federal, state and UC required institutional obligations to our sponsors on behalf of the PI.  These assurances include:

  • True, complete and accurate information is being submitted
  • Acknowledgement that any false, fictitious, or fraudulent statements or claims may subject the PI to criminal, civil, or administrative penalties
  • The PI accepts responsibility for the scientific conduct of the project and to provide the required progress reports if an award is issued as a result of the application
  • Confirmation that neither the PI nor anyone on the research team is currently Debarred, Suspended, or proposed for debarment or Suspension and they will notify the University immediately if this status changes
  • No federal funds were used for lobbying activities related to the proposal

For these reasons, it is important that the PI and not an administrator complete the Compliance Questionnaire.  While many PIs are already adhering to this expectation, some still allow administrators to complete these sections of the Kuali Research Proposal Development record on their behalf.  While this practice may be logistically required under unique and unusual circumstances, the expectations of both the sponsor and UC San Diego is that it is imperative for the PI to complete the Compliance Questionnaire and certification prior to proposal submission.   

Answering the Compliance Questionnaire and Certification

step one, PI receives email.

certify step 2 certify step 3 certify step 4 certify step 5

Searching and Viewing a Proposal

step one on how to view a proposal step two on how to view a proposal Step three on how to view a proposal Step four on how to view a proposal Step five on how to view a proposal Step six on how to view a proposal

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