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Subject Codes

See a list of active department subject codes.

Code Description
AAPI Asian American and Pacific Islander Studies
AAS African American Studies
AESE Architecture Based Enterprise Systems Engineering
AIP Academic Internship Program
ANAR Anthropological Archaeology
ANBI Anthropology/ Biological Anthropology
ANES Anesthesiology
ANSC Anthro/ Sociocultural Anthropology
ANTH Anthropology
ASTR Astronomy and Astrophysics
AUD Audiology
AWP Analytical Writing Program
BENG Bioengineering
BGGN Biology/ Grad/ General
BGJC Biology/ Grad/ Journal Club
BGRD Biology/ Grad/ Research Discussion
BGSE Biology/ Grad/ Seminar
BIBC Biology/ Biochemistry
BICD Biology/ Genetics, Cellular and Developmental
BIEB Biology/ Ecology, Behavior, and Evolutionary
BILD Biology/ Lower Division
BIMM Biology/ Molecular Biology, Microbiology
BIOM Biomedical Sciences
BIPN Biology/ Animal Physiology and Neuroscience
BISP Biology/ Special Studies
BNFO Bioinformatics
CAT Culture, Art, and Technology
CCE Critical Community Engagement
CCS Climate Change Studies
CENG Chemical Engineering
CGS Critical Gender Studies
CHEM Chemistry and Biochemistry
CHIN Chinese Studies
CLAS Classical Studies
CLIN Clinical Psychology
CLRE Clinical Research
CLSS Classics
CLX Chicanx and Latinx Studies
CMM Cellular & Molecular Medicine
COGR Communication/ Graduate
COGS Cognitive Science
COMM Communication
CONT Contemporary Issues
COSE Convergent Systems Engineering
CSE Computer Science and Engineering
CSS Computational Social Science
DDPM Drug Development and Product Management
DERM Dermatology
DOC Dimensions of Culture
DSC Data Science
DSE Data Science and Engineering
DSGN Design
EAP Education Abroad Program
ECE Electrical and Computer Engineering
ECON Economics
EDS Education Studies
EIGH Eighth College
EMED Emergency Medicine
ENG Engineering
ENVR Environmental Studies
ERC Eleanor Roosevelt College
ESYS Environmental Systems
ETHN Ethnic Studies
ETIM Ethnic Studies/ Interdisciplinary Research Methods
EXPR Exchange Programs
FILM Film Studies
FMPH Family Medicine and Public Health
FPM Family and Preventive Medicine
GLBH Global Health
GMST German Studies Program
GPEC GPS/ Economics
GPGN GPS/ General
GPIM GPS/ International Management
GPLA GPS/ Language
GPPA GPS/ Policy Analytics
GPPS GPS/ Political Science
GSS Global South Studies
HDP Human Development Program
HDS Human Developmental Sciences
HIAF History of Africa
HIEA History of East Asia
HIEU History of Europe
HIGL History, Global
HIGR History, Graduate
HILA History of Latin America
HILD History, Lower Division
HINE History of the Near East
HISA History of South Asia
HISC History of Science
HITO History Topics
HIUS History of the United States
HLAW Health Law
HMNR Human Rights
HUM Humanities
ICEP Intercampus Exchange Program
INTL International Studies
IRLA International Relations/ Pacific Study-Language
JAPN Japanese Studies
JWSP Jewish Studies Program
LATI Latin American Studies
LAWS Law and Society
LHCO Leadership/ Health Care Organizations
LIAB Linguistics/ Arabic
LIDS Linguistics/ Directed Study-Language
LIEO Linguistics/ Esperanto
LIFR Linguistics/ French
LIGM Linguistics/ German
LIGN Linguistics/ General
LIHI Linguistics/ Hindi
LIHL Linguistics/ Heritage Languages
LIIT Linguistics/ Italian
LIPO Linguistics/ Portuguese
LISL Linguistics/ American Sign Language
LISP Linguistics/ Spanish
LTAF Literature/ African
LTAM Literature of the Americas
LTCH Literature/ Chinese
LTCO Literature/ Comparative
LTCS Literature/ Cultural Studies
LTEA Literatures/ East Asian
LTEN Literatures in English
LTEU Literature/ European and Eurasian
LTFR Literature/ French
LTGK Literature/ Greek
LTGM Literature/ German
LTIT Literature/ Italian
LTKO Literature/ Korean
LTLA Literature/ Latin
LTRU Literature/ Russian
LTSP Literature/ Spanish
LTTH Literature/ Theory
LTWL Literatures of the World
LTWR Literature/ Writing
MAE Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
MATH Mathematics
MATS Materials Science and Engineering
MBC Marine Biodiversity & Conservation
MCWP Muir College Writing Program
MDE Medical Device Engineering
MED Medicine
MGT Rady School of Management
MGTA Rady School of Management Business Analytics
MGTF Rady School of Management Finance
MGTP Rady School of Management Professional Accountancy
MMW Making of the Modern World
MSED Mathematics and Science Education
MSP Muir Special Projects
MUIR Muir College
MUS Music
NANO Nanoengineering
NEU Neurosciences
NEUG Neurosciences/ Graduate
OBG Obstetrics and Gynecology
OPTH Ophthalmology
ORTH Orthopedics
PAE Physician Assistant Education
PATH Pathology
PEDS Pediatrics
PH Public Health
PHAR Pharmacology
PHB Public Health/ Biostatistics
PHIL Philosophy
PHLH Public Health/ Leadership/ Health Care Organizations 
PHYA Physics/ Astronomy
PHYS Physics
POLI Political Science
PSY Psychiatry
PSYC Psychology
RAD Radiology
RELI Religion, Study of
REV Revelle College
RMAS Radiation Medicine and Applied Sciences
RMED Reproductive Medicine
SE Structural Engineering
SEV Seventh College
SIO Scripps Institution of Oceanography
SIOB Scripps Institution of Oceanography/ Ocean Biosciences Program
SIOC Scripps Institution of Oceanography/ Climate, Oceans, Atmosphere Program
SIOG Scripps Institution of Oceanography/ Geosciences of Earth, Oceans and Planets
SOCE Sociology/ Individual Research and Honors Project
SOCG Sociology/ Graduate
SOCI Sociology
SOCL Sociology/ Lower Division
SOMC School of Medicine Core Courses
SOMI School of Medicine Interdisciplinary
SPPH SSPPS/ Pharmaceutical Sciences
SPPS Pharmacy
SURG Surgery
SXTH Sixth College
SYN Synthesis Program
TDAC Theatre/ Acting
TDDE Theatre/ Design
TDDM Dance/ Dance Making
TDDR Theatre/ Directing and Stage Management
TDGE Theatre/ General
TDGR Theatre/ Graduate
TDHD Dance/ History
TDHT Theatre/ History & Theory
TDMV Dance/ Movement
TDPF Dance/ Performance
TDPR Theatre Dance/ Practicum
TDPW Theatre/ Playwriting
TDTR Dance/ Theory
TKS Transnational Korean Studies
TMC Thurgood Marshall College
TWS Third World Studies
UROL Urology
USP Urban Studies and Planning
VIS Visual Arts
WARR Warren College
WCWP Warren College Writing Program
WES Wireless Embedded Systems