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About the Schedule of Classes

Learn about the different roles and processes required to create the Schedule of Classes each quarter.

If you schedule academic classes for a department, program, or college, learn about the key roles and processes involved in creating the Schedule of Classes :

  • The Scheduling Office, which serves as coordinator for the Schedule of Classes:
    • Requests that departments submit the "Schedule Build," which provides the details of the class offerings in an electronic format, along with other supplementary information such as facilities requests and text.
    • Delivers the final submission of class information (the Schedule List report) for department review before posting the final Schedule of Classes online.
  • Department and program advisors provide the details of the schedule. For each academic department, these details include entries on modification sheets showing:
    • Department name
    • Course titles and subject codes
    • Course numbers
    • Section information
    • Instruction types
    • Enrollment limits
    • Days and times
    • Building name
    • Room number
    • Instructor name(s)
    • Instructor PID(s)
    • Subtitles
    • Specific unit values for variable unit courses

For more details, see How To Build the Schedule of Classes.

For more information, contact the Scheduling Office via email.