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How to Build the Schedule of Classes

If you create the Schedule of Classes for your department, college, or program, use this step-by-step guide to help you schedule classes.

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1. Review deadline information.

  • Check the current Publication Schedule to become familiar with department deadlines for submitting Schedule of Classes materials for upcoming quarters.

2. Gather information needed for the schedule.

  • Consult with your faculty or department chair regarding course offerings for the term.

3. Edit the Schedule Build file.

  • The Scheduling Office will e-mail the Schedule Build file (an Excel spreadsheet) to departments (see Publication Schedule, row A).
  • Once you receive the file, enter:
    • The enrollment limit for each course section
    • The days and times each section should meet
    • The building and room number for sections specifically assigned to department space
    • The PID and name of instructor(s) for each course
    • Subtitles
    • Special scheduling concerns on the Supplementary Scheduling Information Sheet
  • E-mail the updated Schedule Build file to the Scheduling Office by the date and time specified (see Publication Schedule, row B).

4. Review the Schedule List report and perform a "last look."

  • Review the Schedule List report as soon as you receive it. This is the course information that will appear in the online Schedule of Classes.
    Note: The Scheduling Office will send scheduling materials, including a print copy of the Schedule List report, to departments for final review (see Publication Schedule, row C). This review is called the "last look."
  • Perform the last look:
    • Complete the "Checklist Guide to Proofreading the Schedule List report," included with your scheduling materials.
    • Mark up your paper copy of the Schedule List with any final changes, additions, or deletions. Please use a red pen.
    • Send the marked-up Schedule List report to the Scheduling Office, Mail Code 0021-R. (See Publication Schedule, row D, for deadline.)
    Note: Instead of sending in the marked-up hard copy of the Schedule List report, you may e-mail your corrections by the same deadline.
  • Use the CS SECTMNT screen in ISIS to verify that changes have been made or view the Schedule of Classes when it becomes available online (see Publication Schedule, row E).

5. Make changes after publication.

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