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EPBCS Access by Financial Unit Report

The EPBCS Access by Financial Unit report provides a summary of EPBCS Access Group Assignments by user. The report can be filtered to narrow down user records displayed in the report.

The EPBCS Access by Financial Unit report is available from the Business Analytics Hub under the Planning and Budgeting Dashboard. Standard Oracle roles are required to access the report.

Business Scenarios

  • The EPBCS Access by Financial Unit report provides a summary of EPBCS Access Group Assignments by user.
  • The report summarizes user access permissions by Financial Unit group assignment, user last name, user first name, user email, RCTT access, Capital Planning access, and Budget Editor Group access.
    • Users can filter on these columns using the prompt selections within the report.
  • The report is sorted in ascending order by Financial Unit grouping.

This report answers the following questions:

  • Does this user have Budget Editor Group access? If so, are they CBO, VC, or General Budget Preparers?
    • Note: CBO Budget Editors have ‘write’ access to EPBCS all year long whereas the General Budget Preparer and VC Office groups are only able to edit budget entry forms during open development cycle, they can only view data in EPBCS outside of this timeline.
  • Does this user have Resource Commitment Tracking Tool (RCTT) access?
    • Note: The RCTT is open year-round to the existing user base.
  • Does this user have Capital Planning access?
    • Note: only a small subset of budget preparers work in units with Capital Planning or debt service needs, so this portion of EPBCS is limited to those areas who need it.
  • What Financial Unit grouping(s) is this user assigned? Do they have EPBCS access at the A, B, or C levels of the Financial Unit hierarchy?

Data Selection and View Options

Use the prompts in the report sidebar to filter for the user records you want to view:

  • To search by first name or last name, the user can type directly into the text box and hit ‘Enter’
    • To reset prompt selections made in the report, click on the ‘Revert’ button within the ribbon of the report

Note: The Search by First Name and Search by Last Name prompts are case-sensitive. i.e., If you were to search for users named John, type in 'John' and not 'john'.



Report Views

  • Results display in a table format of 7 columns formatted to HTML
  • Use the ‘Download’ controls on the top-right corner to export the report to Excel or CSV
  • Refer to the Data Glossary under Get Started on the main BI & Financial Reporting Blink menu for searchable data descriptions and usage rules