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Compensation Reports

This suite of reports provides monthly and year-end variance reporting at the position level using budgeted, actual, and projected compensation costs by Fund, Financial Unit, Function or Position Class.

Included are two reports that allow the user to obtain a list of budgeted FTE’s or search for budgeted FTE by Position ID.

Compensation Reports are available from the Business Analytics Hub under the Planning and Budgeting Dashboard.

Row level security has been applied to the EAH-PositionBudgetComparisonSummary-View granting specific access to EPBCS and UC Path data to users who will run these reports for position management.

Individual access is based on user information submitted via this form: Employee Activity Hub Row Level Access Request


These reports answer the following questions:

  • What are my monthly and year-end variances at the position level? By Financial Unit? By Fund? By Function? By Position Class?
  • What is my EPBCS staffing list for a given fiscal year? By Financial Unit? By Fund? By Function?
  • What is the distribution of budgeted FTEs in my unit? What positions are Recurring? What positions are One-Time?
  • What is the budgeted position on a certain position number?


Budget vs Actual with Projections Report by Position ID – Monthly View

  • This report displays monthly variances using budgeted, actual, and projected Labor Ledger Salary and Benefit Costs by position ID in any given fiscal year

Budget vs Actual Report: FTE, Salaries and Benefits – Year End Variance

  • This report aggregates year-end variances using budgeted and actual Labor Ledger Salary and Benefit Costs by position ID after the fiscal year ends

Budgeted Positions Report

  • This report provides a list of Recurring and/or One-Time positions created through EPBCS based on the Employee Activity Hub (EAH) data extract

Search Tool for Budgeted Positions using Position ID

  • This report allows users to search for budgeted positions by entering the position number

Distribution of Compensation Reports

Required Inputs

  • Position Budget Fiscal Year
  • Fund Category
  • Position Budget Type


  • Position Budget Fiscal Year
  • Fiscal Month
  • Accounting Period
  • Position Number
  • Position
  • Position Budget Type
  • Position Class Code
  • Position Class
  • Job Code
  • Job Code Description
  • Academic/Staff
  • Employee ID
  • Employee Last Name Current
  • Employee First Name Current
  • Managerial Reporting Fund Hierarchy L2
  • Fund Code
  • Fund
  • Financial Unit L2
  • Financial Unit Code
  • Financial Unit
  • Function
  • Project Code
  • Academic/Salary (Based on Plan Element)
  • Budgeted FTE
  • Budgeted Recurring Salary
  • Budgeted Recurring Benefits
  • Budgeted One Time Salary
  • Budgeted One Time Benefits
  • Actual FTE
  • Actual Salary Costs
  • Actual Benefit Costs
  • Projected Salary Costs
  • Projected Benefits Costs
  • Actual + Projected Salary
  • % of Actual to Budgeted (Salary)
  • % of Actual to Budgeted (Benefits)
  • Variance (Salary)
  • Variance (Benefits)

Refer to the Data Glossary under Get Started on the main BI & Financial Reporting Blink menu for searchable data descriptions and usage rules