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How to Get an ISIS Category Code

Find out how to get a new category code in ISIS so you can group detail codes.

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1. Complete the Category Code Form.

  • Download the AR Category Code Worksheet (available as an Excel or Word file).
  • When you complete the form, create a code that:
    • Has no more than 4 characters
    • First 3 characters should represent your department and the 4th character is meaningful to department need. 
    Example: General Accounting could create GAOF as a category code for forms.

2. Submit the completed form to University Billing Services (UBS).

  • Send the completed form to UBS by e-mail or campus mail (Mail Code 0026).

3. Record and maintain the category code.

  • Keep an internal log or database in your department so you can use the code whenever you need it in the future.

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