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Before You Buy Furniture

If you are planning to purchase furniture for your office or another workspace, consider the items on this page before you decide what to buy.

Note: To view and order furniture products online, visit Oracle Procurement.

Sustainable Criteria

The University of California’s Sustainable Procurement Guidelines (“Guidelines”) lay out the minimum for sustainability.  See Table 1 - Category Specific Green Spend Criteria for Indoor Furniture.

Space planning

Asking key questions can help you order furniture that's best for your workspace. Will the furniture you want fit into the space you have? What type of furniture is best for your type of work? Will you need to move your furniture in the future? You can either answer these questions on your own or during the ordering process with Steelcase (through BKM).

Budget planning

Matching your furniture choices with your budget can be a challenge. You'll often get the most for your money by working with a designer during the ordering process with either Steelcase (through BKM). If you are not sure of your budget, ask for a budgetary quote before obtaining an order-ready quote.


Office furniture is something you'll use every workday for a very long time. That's why it's so important to consider ergonomics. Explore this topic with your designer, either Steelcase (through BKM).

Steelcase contract

According to the UC contract with Steelcase, Inc., when you buy the following types of furniture, you must buy Steelcase products only:

  • Tables
  • Chairs
  • Filing cabinets
  • Free-standing steel and laminate desks
  • Bookcases
  • Paneled office systems
  • Task chairs and side chairs

Most stock items you order can be delivered on the next working day.

Furniture quality

The quality of furniture varies among manufacturers, and cost is directly related to quality. When you buy furniture for UCSD, it must be a commercial or institutional grade so it can withstand the daily use in your workplace. Choose finishes and construction materials that will enhance the life cycle of your furniture. Always avoid furniture that contains particleboard.

Delivery time for Steelcase furniture

Check Timetable/ Lead Time for general information on how long it will take to receive your furniture. If you wish to reduce the delivery time, ask your BKM representative about the Steelcase Express 12 program.

If you have questions about ordering furniture, contact Alma Mendoza, (858) 822-4390.