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Independent Contractor/ Consultant Overview

Learn about hiring workers who provide consulting, professional, and personal services.

Arrangements to secure the services of an Independent Contractor may be entered into only when the services are so unique, specialized, or highly technical that they cannot be performed economically or satisfactorily by existing university staff. These services are classified in one of two categories:

  • Personal services are performed by individuals identified by their Social Security Number (SSN). Examples include technical writing/editing, translation, and transcription services. When departments choose to retain an individual for services other than through normal employment procedures, they must ensure that no employer-employee relationship will exist with that individual (see BUS-43, Part 7).
  • Professional services are performed by entities identified by an Employer Identification Number (EIN). Examples include auditing, advertising, marketing, and public relations. 

Integrated Procure-to-Pay Solutions does not process independent contractor agreements for the following:

According to IRS common law standards, Independent Contractors: 

  • provide atypical, infrequent, and nonrecurring services.
  • provide similar services to other clients and/or businesses outside of the university
  • engage in entrepreneurial activities in an established business, at risk for profit or loss
  • receive little or no training, supervision or instruction from the university
  • currently do not receive a paycheck from nor is an employee of the UC system
  • are responsible to determine the means and methods to use to perform services
  • provide their own supplies, equipment, etc., necessary to perform services and cost for such will be included in rate or total fee
  • maintain commercial general liability insurance to protect against work related injuries and damage to university property
  • will set their own priorities on time, amount of effort, and hours of work to accomplish services within stated time frame
  • do not provide services that are similar to those currently being provided by UC employees
  • time period, maximum fee, scope of services are not intended to be modified at a later date

 What documentation is required to retain Independent Contrators?

  • Statement of Work (the independent contractor one in MP)
  • Any Proposal or Quote from the Independent Contractor

What other supporting documentation may be required to complete the process?

  • An Employee Vendor Relationship Disclosure Form (PDF) (Word)
  • An Independent Contractor Pre-hire Form (PDF) (Word)