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Audio Visual/Staging Rental Equipment

Learn about obtaining audio visual rentals and production staging for your events.

The following are UC San Diego Agreement suppliers for audio visual & staging equipment who have negotiated pricing with the university:
Supplier Contact Name Contact Information email
Schuko, LLC Pennell Julie 858-560-5000
Show Imaging Steven Evans 760- 842-5880
sb logo Cheeze House Productions Nicholas Salemi 619-246-2957
Event Wave Productions Shane Smith 858-273-2541
 *Small Business

Step 1: Obtain a quote

Visit the supplier websites to view the different offerings. Once you have decided which supplier you would like to use, locate their contact information and request a rental quote. When requesting the quote, include the following information:

  1. Your name, email, and phone number
  2. Date, time, and address of the event
  3. Name of the event (optional)
  4. Name of the supplier being requested
  5. Event coordinator name and phone number 
  6. Special needs or directions (optional)

Step 2: Review the quote

You will receive a rental quote from the supplier that should contain the following:

  1. Information on the equipment being rented - note that suppliers are required to provide UC San Diego with parts associated to some rented equipment including:
    1. If participants are in, on, under, or attached to the piece of equipment an attendant will be provided; the supplier will either include the attendant in the equipment rental cost, or may include it as a separate charge
    2. Generators will be included with all equipment; the supplier will either include the generator in the equipment rental cost, or may include it as a separate charge
  2. Delivery costs are applicable with most orders and should be included
  3. Setup and breakdown costs
  4. Taxes (if applicable)
  5. Requested special services with an additional cost

Step 3: Create a PO in Oracle

Oracle requisitions for amusement rentals require completing a Service Request (complete all fields on the form) and include the following:

  1. Attach and reference the supplier's quote to the last line of the requisition
  2. In the 'Period of Performance Begin and End Date' fields, reflect the dates that represent the delivery and pickup dates for the rental equipment
  3. Create the following requisition lines when applicable (i.e. some quotes do not include services or labor):
    1. Line one: Describe the equipment being rented, services and labor (i.e. delivery, set-up, and breakdown) and deduct the discount from the total amount - this line is non-taxable
    2. Line two: Describe any items that are purchased - this line is taxable 
  4. In your Oracle Shopping Cart, make sure to designate the following Account Code for each line of the requisition: Event Services - 530104
Find answers, request services, or get help from our team at the UC San Diego Services & Support portal.