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UCSD Hotline

Learn about the University of California's anonymous toll-free fraud hotline, (800) 403-4744, for reporting possible fraud such as misuse of assets, potential false billings, conflict of interest, or other compliance issues.

Faculty, staff, and students have an obligation to understand and follow the laws, regulations, policies and procedures that govern university academic and business practices, and to assure that violations are handled appropriately.

The University of California Hotline, (800) 403-4744, provides an avenue for reporting concerns anonymously. Employees are also encouraged to discuss concerns about possible improper activity directly with their supervisors or department heads, and to use other campus reporting mechanisms currently in place.

Note: All UCSD departments should print and prominently display the posters "UCSD Whistleblower Hotline Information" (PDF) and "California State Auditor Whistleblower Hotline Information" (PDF). The posters provide information about what can be reported, how to report, and protection from retaliation.

The Hotline is:

  • Available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day
  • Uses an independent service with trained personnel to field calls
  • Relays concerns to the university for review and action
For additional information, contact Audit & Management Advisory Services, (858) 534-3617.
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