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Mandatory Employment Notices and Posters

Find links to employment notices and posters that departments must post to comply with federal and state laws.

Department heads are responsible for posting mandatory employment notices and posters in a place where employees can view them in the normal course of business.

In buildings that house more than one department, it's sufficient to display a single posting in an area used by employees, such as break rooms, official bulletin boards, or entrances/ exits.

UCnet posters and notices

Find PDF versions of general posters and notices on the UCnet: Mandatory Employment Notices/ Posters.

Examples of posters and notices on At Your Service are:

  • Minimum wage notices
  • Family and Medical Leave (FMLA) notices
  • Nondiscrimination notices
  • CAL/OSHA forms and notices

Mandatory UCSD notices

UCSD has local versions of the whistleblowing, payday and safety notices. Post these instead of the UCOP versions:

For more information, contact Employee Relations and Policy Development, (858) 534-4115.
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