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Substance Abuse

Learn about UCSD's expectations for faculty, staff, and students regarding substance abuse, and link to helpful information and services.

Drug-free workplace

All UCSD employees and students are expected to keep campus communities and worksites free from the illegal possession, use, or distribution of alcohol or controlled substances in compliance with federal and state laws. In addition, employees who use or abuse alcohol or controlled substances in a manner that impairs work performance may be subject to corrective action or may be required to participate satisfactorily in a rehabilitation program. Federal law requires drug and alcohol testing of transportation employees. Find out how that law is applied at UCSD.

Get more information by reading the Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act Notice.


UCSD recognizes dependency on alcohol and other drugs as a treatable condition and offers programs and services for employees with substance dependency problems. Employees are encouraged to seek assistance, as appropriate, from the Faculty and Staff Assistance Program or health centers in the community.

Note: Information obtained by UCSD regarding an employee who inquires about or participates in such programs or services is confidential, in accordance with federal and state laws.


For more information, speak with your supervisor, the HR contact in your department, or the Employee Relations specialist for your vice chancellor area.