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New Employee Orientation: Personal Services


No time to pack a lunch? Visit your neighborhood library? Pick up a gift? No problem.

UC San Diego offers a variety of personal services to assist you with those pesky errands. In addition, attend to your physical well-being by ensuring that you have an ergonomically sound work environment or calling a community service officer as a safety escort.

  • Banking services include automated teller machines at several campus locations and the USE Credit Union.
  • Copy centers (Imprints) provide personal printing services at several campus locations.
  • Dining options include cafés, restaurants, fast food, student dining facilities, pubs, and stores.
  • Employee ID cards (called Campus Cards) can be used at libraries and for meals and other services.
  • Ergonomic solutions help employees reduce or eliminate ergonomic risks at work.
  • Libraries allow you to check out books, videos, and music from 11 libraries.
  • Post Office offers mail services and post office boxes.


Shopping outlets sell books, computer goods at educational discounts, gifts, supplies, and clothing:

Contact the Employee Programs and Recognition team at or (858) 822-2633.