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How to Classify or Reclassify a Staff Position

Use this guide to classify or reclassify a campus-funded staff position.

1. Decide if reclassification is appropriate

2. Complete the job description form

Job descriptions are required for positions lasting more than 5 months or to support a recruitment action, regardless of duration.

  1. Complete the Job Description Form and use "Instructions" and "Tips for creating a well-writen job description".

3. Submit your classification/reclassification request

  • Select the "Route" option at the end of the Job Description form to route your draft for internal review and editing in accordance with your department procedures.
  • Select the "Route" option to route the final job description to your departmental Human Resources (HR) contact for processing.

4. Obtain the necessary signatures

  • Print a formatted copy of the Job Description from the Job Description Main Menu.
  • Get the signatures of the supervisor and department head.
  • If you are reclassifing a position, also get the employee's signature.
  • Retain the signed documents in department files.

5. Update the current departmental organizational chart, if necessary

  • Obtain a current copy of the organization chart.
  • Update the chart as necessary and provide a copy to your department HR contact.

6. Get approval

You'll be notified after a decision has been made. To check the progress of your job description review, you can contact your departmental HR contact.

  • Depending on the classification level and Vice Chancellor area, the classification decision will be made by the central HR Department, your department head, or your Vice Chancellor.

7. Take action on the classification decision

  • Position descriptions classified by a department or Vice Chancellor should be submitted to the central HR Department after the classification authority has completed the classification section.
    • Select the "Submit to HR" option at the end of the job description form to route the description electronically.
    • Before submitting the job description, attach the organizational chart to the job description.
    • Note: The central HR Department will add the revised job description to the Online Job Description Library.
  • If the position is reclassified, use the Rate Setting Guidelines for UCSD Staff to determine the appropriate salary.
  • Make a salary recommendation to the HR contact in your department.
  • After the salary is approved, notify the employee.
  • Ensure that the new salary and title are entered into Payroll Personnel System (PPS).

8. Follow up

If a requested classification is denied, talk with the HR contact in your department, or directly with a compensation analyst in the central HR Department, to explore other alternatives.
For more information, contact the Compensation Unit at (858) 534-0986.

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Notice: The information on this page summarizes provisions of university policies and/or collective bargaining agreements. Refer to the Personnel Policies for Staff Members (PPSM) and local implementing procedures or applicable collective bargaining agreement for full text of referenced information.