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Rideshare Programs, Benefits, and Promotions

Learn about ridesharing services and benefits available from Lyft for the UC San Diego community.

COVID-19 Health and Safety Program

Lyft has ramped up efforts to protect riders and drivers during COVID-19 by implementing a Health Safety Program with new policies, commitments, and products designed to address the needs of the community.
Lyft’s Health Safety Program includes:
  • Personal health certification for drivers and riders.
  • Required face masks for drivers and riders.
  • Health safety education for drivers and riders, and distribution of cleaning supplies and masks for drivers.

As part of the partnership, UC San Diego students, faculty, staff, and community members will have access to all of these services that support and benefit the university community:


Business Travel

Save time and simplify travel by creating a Lyft Business Profile with your email address. Employees can expense rides with ease by selecting their preferred payment method for trips, routing business ride receipts directly to their work inbox, and switching easily between personal and professional rides.


With Lyft Events, departments can ensure University guests have a convenient ride to and from local University-sponsored events. How Lyft events work: set up your event, provide the unique event code to guests, and on the day of the event guests can use the promo code for a department funded Lyft ride. For more information see Lyft Events.


With the Concierge platform, departments can remotely request rides for anyone from employees and guests to students. It is a convenient way to support business transportation needs, with no app or smartphone required. Rides can be requested on demand, or scheduled days in advance. To request Concierge access, please send your request to the UC San Diego Services and Support portal (login required) and describe how your department will use rideshare services to conduct University business (excludes employees on 'travel status').

Safe Rides

The Associated Students have teamed up with Lyft to provide safe rides home for students. The Safe Rides program provides subsidized transportation to students who link their email address with a Lyft account. Students can unlock a limited amount of free or discounted rides per quarter. Offers vary. Students can contact Associated Students or visit UC San Diego Safe Rides at the start of each quarter for program details.

Activate your Lyft business profile today.

  1. Download the Lyft app and sign up
  2. Go to 'Settings' and select 'Business profile
  3. Enter your email 
  4. Enter payment methods (personal/business/travel & entertainment card etc.)

Use personal mode only when claiming free ride credits or using promotional codes. Switch back to your business profile for all paid, non-promotional rides to keep unlocking incentives.

Remember to tap into Business Mode to help drive support for university programs and initiatives. Simply tap ‘personal’ to switch to ‘business’ on the ride request screen. View Lyft app screenshots to see how to toggle between personal and business mode (PDF).

Before using Lyft, every rider and driver will be required to self-certify that they will wear face masks throughout the ride, are symptom-free, and will follow CDC and local guidelines related to COVID-19. 

Passenger Loading Zones

UC San Diego offers 26 designated passenger loading zones (PLZ) locations on La Jolla Main Campus and 15 additional locations at Coast and Mesa Apartments. The PLZ stops are located within a short walk from most buildings and allow for smoother, safer rides to/around campus when you request a Lyft or Uber ride, or for general pick-up and drop-off. For more information, visit Transportation Services Ride Hailing page.

Find answers, request services, or get help from our team at the UC San Diego Services & Support portal.

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