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Lyft Concierge

Lyft Concierge lets departments request rides on behalf of others from one central dashboard.

Schedule rides-on-demand or in advance from one central portal - students, guests, or donors. Lyft Concierge provides access to real-time ride tracking, reduced costs for transportation programs, and 24-hour customer support.

Training and resources

Visit the Lyft concierge page to access step-by-step training videos, helpful documents, and resources.

Platform highlights

  • On average, Lyft rides are 32% less expensive for departments than taxicab and town car services.
  • UC San Diego's Lyft Program Manager will help your department determine if Concierge is right for you, and work with Lyft to set up an account linked to an Procurement Card.
  • If the ride recipient has a smartphone, the recipient (guest, donor, etc.) will receive trip details and driver information via text.
  • Pre-scheduled rides: Easily pre-schedule early morning, late night, event, or airport rides and choose from a variety of ride types.
  • Multiple ride types: Lyft Concierge allows the administrator to select vehicle size and class to fit individual needs.
  • Central Accounts: Access ride history reports and manage your billing detail from one place.
  • Dispatcher management: Cardholders can manage user permissions and add new users. There's no limit to how many dispatchers you can add, so your entire team can manage rides.
  • Department administrators can quickly and easily reconcile the monthly charge in Concur.

Concierge account set up & reconciliation

If department business operations warrant or would benefit from the purchase of ride through Lyft Concierge:

  • Identify a Procurement Card cardholder within your unit
  • Send a UC San Diego Services and Support ticket with the title "Lyft Concierge" to the Lyft Program Manager and Procurement Card Team
    • Provide cardholder name and card suffix
    • Approximate monthly charges for these transportation purchases
    • A detailed business case (ex. Business operations require recurring transportation for faculty recruitment)
  • Case will be reviewed and approved by Procurement and Disbursements
  • Once a Concierge account is linked to an Procurement Card (Lyft Program Manager will facilitate), the cardholder is responsible for managing access to the platform and monitoring rideshare purchases.
  • Department administrators will reconcile charges by uploading monthly invoices and business description into Concur. 

Note: Lyft Concierge should not be used to book employee business travel. Employees should create a Lyft Business Profile within the Lyft App using their email address and expense rides to their preferred payment method (i.e., Travel & Entertainment Card).

Safety tips

  • Pair up by traveling with colleagues or in a group.
  • Verify your driver and vehicle. Once you have requested a Lyft ride, you can view the driver’s rating. When your ride arrives, make sure the driver’s photo, license plate number and vehicle description match. Never take a ride you did not request or get into a car that doesn't match the details the Lyft app provides.
  • Share your estimated arrival time by using the Lyft “share your ETA” function that allows you to invite friends to see your trip in real-time. The app will draft a text message that you can share with friends that includes your ETA and a link to a live map that allows them to track your trip. You can also call a friend or family member and stay on the phone while you’re in the vehicle.
Find answers, request services, or get help from our team at the UC San Diego Services & Support portal.