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Concur Request and Expense Report Validation

This page will provide a guide on chart string validation on Concur Requests and Expense Reports.

Once a Concur document is submitted, the Report Header chart string(s) and allocation(s) are sent to Oracle to undergo a validation process to ensure that they are valid. Oracle will then provide a response to Concur to confirm the validity of the chart string(s) and allocation(s). This process is denoted in Concur with the the "Pending External Validation" status. This validation happens twice in the approval process:

  • first after the document is submitted
  • again after all approvals have been obtained

If chart string(s) are valid: the document will go to the next step in the approval process (or be sent to Oracle if no other approvals are required).

If chart string(s) are invalid: the document will be sent back to the user with a COA/POETAF Failed Validation message. To clear the error, update the Report Header and any corresponding individual allocations with a valid chart string and resubmit.

Learn more about how to resolve COA/POETAF Failed Validation errors (Knowledge Base).

What is being validated?

The validation process will check all of the chart strings in the document for the following:

  • Are all required fields completed?
    • Example: If a Project value is selected, a Task and Expenditure Type must be provided. If any of those values are missing, validation will fail
  • Can all of these values be used in Concur?
    • Concur follows all of the Cross-Validation Rules (GL Posting logic) that are present in Oracle
  • Can the Project be used in Concur?
  • Do all transactions occur within the start and end date of the Project?
  • Are transactions with a specific Expenditure Type allowed on the Project?

What is not being validated?

There are certain elements of the Expense Report that are not validated by this process. These aspects will need to be evaluated and confirmed by the Financial Unit Approver.

  • Are the expenses allowed by policy?
  • Was this expense authorized by the department?
  • Are all expense/expense amounts allowed on the Project/chart string?
  • Are the chart string values correct?
    • A chart string may be valid but no the right string to use for this particular transaction
  • Does Law AB 1887 affect what kinds of travel expenses can post to this chart string?