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Termination Payment Report Easy Query

Use QueryLink for reports on Distribution of Payroll Expense (DOPEs) by time period to verify termination payments.


Termination Payment Report Easy Query
(login required)


Reports the Distribution Of Payroll Expense (DOPE) entries for a time period and verifies what Termination Payments have been made


Click the Queries button in EmployeeLink or DataLink.

Required security

Mainframe PPS or Darwin Employee Account + PPS RSUM (departmental access)

Help and training


Using QueryLink

  • Explore the latest changes by clicking the Queries button in FinancialLink, Student/ Class Info, EmployeeLink, or DataLink.
  • Click next to each query for help information, overall tool features, and detailed instructions.
  • Learn to use QueryLink with the Tutorial on the Queries Menu of FinancialLink and DataLink.