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Employee Queries

Employee queries give authorized staff a dynamic and flexible way to view employee data.

You can also access employee queries with the Queries button in EmployeeLink.

Note: You must have a Business Systems account and authorization to access EmployeeLink.

Click access in each description to see what rights you need for particular results.

Links to the queries Description Links to query features and history
Distribution of Payroll Expense Lists the breakout of all payroll expenses, including a breakout of benefit and payroll information by employee (access) May 2002
Distribution of Payroll Expense Easy Query Creates an online version of the current hard copy DOPE for any period or time (more info) (access) June 2002
Employee Accesses information about the current population of employees (access) July 2004
Employee Change History Lists the history of changes on employee information (access) July 2004
Employee Code Values Easy Query Returns the type of code you request, a short and long description, and whether the code is active (access) August 2001
Employee Monthly Snapshot Accesses information in snapshot of employee population, taken at the end of each month (access) July 2004
Employee Nonresident Alien Allows access to the current population of employees (access) May 2003
Head Count Returns counts of the various populations at UCSD (access) May 2004
Incentive Award Program Accesses current leave balance for a specified list of employees (access) May 2004
Leave Activity Retrieves leave balances by various specifications (more info) (access) August 2003
Leave Activity Summary Easy Query Provides an online replacement for the printed LASR (more info) (access) April 2004
Leave Balance By Employee Group Easy Query Accesses current leave balance for a specified list of employees (access) March 2004
Leave Balance By Timekeeper Easy Query Accesses current leave balances for employees within a timekeeper code (more info) (access) March 2004
MyTraining Query Retrieves personal training history of classes taken through UCSD Staff Education and Development. (access) January 2004
Permanent Staffing Current and historical organizational staffing information (access) February 2004
Telephone and E-mail Lists Returns phone, fax, and e-mail of anyone in the UCSD phone directory (access) September 2001
Termination Payment Report Easy Query Reports DOPE entries for a requested time period to verify termination payments (more info) (access) July 2003
Training Activity Lists classes taken through UCSD Staff Education and Development, based on criteria selected (access) April 2004
Vacation Leave Accrual Presents the data file with the amount of vacation used and accrued by an employee (access) August 2001