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Zoom: User Guide

Learn about the features and settings in Zoom.

Zoom is an easy-to-use platform for unifying cloud video conferencing, simple online meetings, and group messaging.

Basic topics

Detailed topics

  • Install Zoom — Instructions based on your chosen platform
  • Zoom Settings — Customize your meeting participation preferences
  • Schedule a Meeting — Set up your meeting and invite participants
  • Scheduling Privilege — Allow assistants to schedule meetings for you
  • Start a Meeting — Launch a meeting you have previously scheduled
  • Join a Meeting — Participate in someone else's meeting
  • Join by Phone — Use your phone instead of computer
  • Host / Co-host controlls — Control various aspects of a meeting, such as managing participants
  • Claiming Host Control of a Meeting - Learn how the six digit host key helps you claim the controls of a meeting
  • Share Content — Show your screen or documents to the meeting participants
  • Share Computer Sounds - Allow viewers to hear a video you play online
  • Record and Share a Meeting — Allow your meeting to be seen at a later time
  • Privacy Options — Assign your meeting a password and control when participants join
  • Manage Attendees  — Learn how to manage meeting attendees before and during meetings
    • Register who joined the meeting
    • Remove unwanted attendees from your meetings
      • Select Manage Participants on the host controls bar
      • Hover over or right click on the attendee and select the More tab
      • Select Remove at the bottom of the list of options to dismiss the attendee
    • Lock your meetings in progress to keep out unwanted attendees
      • At the bottom of the attendee list, select the More tab and check the Lock option from the options listed.
  • Breakout Rooms — Set up one or multiple breakout rooms for your attendees (instructions on Zoom site)
  • Virtual Background Options - See images that can be used as virtual backgrounds

Zoom help center resources

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