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Downloading Software to Use With Business Systems

Use the information below to download software you need to operate various systems, browsers, and applications created and maintained by the IT Services department.

Please note:

  • Always consult your departmental systems administrator before downloading software.
  • Follow the instructions for Secure System Access.
  • Most software is available as downloadable, self-extracting files.
  • TCP/IP connectivity is assumed for all software. (If you have a working Web browser, you meet this requirement.)
  • Visit the Link Family of services for easy-to-use access to administrative information, including software downloads.

If you need additional help, check the help files that accompany your software or the help files for your Operating System, or check with your departmental desktop support staff.

If you want access to: You will need:
The IBM mainframe (IFIS, ISIS, PPS)
A Sybase database with WISQL, Sybping, etc.
  • Sybase Open Client
  • TCP/IP connectivity (if your Internet browser works, you have it.)
A Sybase database with Microsoft Access or Excel
  • Data Direct Technologies' Connect for ODBC 4.1
  • TCP/IP connectivity (if your Internet browser works, you have it.)
For more information, visit the self-service customer portal,