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Data Analytics Governance Committee (DAGC)

Learn about the Data Analytics Governance Committee (DAGC)

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  • Mission: 
    • Define the institution's policies and priorities for how institutional data is used, shared and secured in coordination with ISPC and CSOG.  
  • Responsibilities: 
    • Approves surfaced contextual feedback on data operations brought forth by Operational Committees
    • Approves prioritized data set enhancement roadmaps across data domains taking a campus perspective to ensure the highest priorities are addressed in sequence.
    • Approves data governance models to ensure proper infrastructure, like staffing and job classifications, exist across the institution to support our data analytic model.
    • Review and approve topics related to data management policies: 
      • Data use, ethics, privacy, and access
      • System and data access
      • External reporting
  • Composition: 
    • Diverse senior leadership to review and approve the philosophy of data governance. 
  • Connection: 
    • Delegates operational decisions such as access procedures, training, report development prioritization, analytic tool configurations, etc. to the operational-level governance (ODC) for resolution, feedback and/or recommendation
    • Based on the nature of the decision, operational-level governance may remand final approval back to the executive-level governance or operational-level governance uniformly has the authority to make decisions and report back to the executive-level governance as an informational item. 
    • May delegate privacy-related policy development to the Information Security and Privacy Council (ISPC). 
    • CARE and CSOG should refer policy questions and concerns related to data access and use for DAGC to review
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Cadence: Quarterly meetings.