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About Vivarium Safety

Learn about UC San Diego's Vivarium Safety Program for work with research animals.


UC San Diego's Vivarium Safety Program protects employees and affiliates from occupational risks associated with research animals.

Vivarium and research activities involving animals are guided by university policy, national guidelines, industry standards, and federal, state, and county regulations.

The Vivarium Safety Officer develops work safety programs in collaboration with:

Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee

IACUC reviews and approves all research projects that involve animal subjects before acquisition or work can begin.

Training requirement

Anyone performing animal research at UC San Diego must take the "Orientation to Animal Research at UC San Diego" course presented by Animal Care Program Technical Training Services.

Other safety training may be required depending on job duties.

Occupational Health & Safety Program (OHSP) requirements

Employees and affiliates working with or near research animals at UC San Diego are subject to OHSP requirements.

An occupational health risk assessment is required for every individual working with or in close proximity to research animals, even if there is no exposure to animals.

Based on questionnaire results, some individuals may be required to participate in medical surveillance.

Questions? Contact Kent Osborn, (858) 534-6715 or (858) 245-0670.