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Research Assistance Program Audits

Learn more about lab inspections.

The goal of the audit is to identify and correct deficiencies. EH&S is charged with inspecting all research facilities at least annually. Any research operation that conducts hazardous operations, including use of chemicals, biological agents or equipment must be inspected per the UC San Diego Laboratory Safety Policy.

Audit Process, Report & Corrective Action

Audits are scheduled with a Principal Investigator or their designee (Area Safety Coordinator) at the interval required. Following the audit a report will be sent to the Principal Investigator, Department Safety Officer, and any other designated Area Safety Coordinators.

The audit report includes all findings from the audit. Each finding carries a point value (1, 4 or 16) based on increasing levels of risk. The audit report will indicate which findings need follow-up action. All findings in the report must be addressed. 

When findings are included on a report (point value > 0), a written response detailing the corrective action taken (or planned in the case of larger projects) is required within 10 business days of receipt of the report.

  • The response must be an itemized detail of the corrective action taken to address each open finding
  • Photo submissions are acceptable in lieu of detailed descriptions when applicable

Your Research Assistance Program contact will review the response submission for completeness prior to closing out your audit. Additional action, details or clarification may be requested.

Audit Criteria

Criteria used to evaluate research laboratories has been developed by UC San Diego to meet internal policy obligations as well as local, state and federal code requirements.

  • The UC San Diego Laboratory Inspection Form details the full criteria (PDF) (Excel)

Laboratory Self-Inspections

Laboratory self-inspections are a required part of a lab's safety program. The self-inspection serves to familiarize laboratory staff with common issues affecting researcher health and safety as well as environmental compliance.

Perform an area self-audit using the UC San Diego Lab Self-Inspection Audit Form 3 months after the EH&S audit, and quarterly thereafter for all assigned lab spaces including equipment corridors, environmental rooms, and shared lab spaces.

Target the issues revealed during the audit to identify persisting problems. Maintain completed Lab Self-Inspection Audit Forms for at least 3 years and have them available for review.


Questions? Contact Darren Cannone, RAP Program Supervisor