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Find information about the use of the NIH ASSIST application.

The Application Submission System & Interface for Submission Tracking (ASSIST) is a web-based tool developed by the NIH to allow institutions to electronically prepare, submit, and track grant applications through to NIH. The system supports both single-project and multi-project (PPG) submissions.

ASSIST allows participants to login via eRA Commons accounts, pre-populate data from investigator’s eRA Commons profiles, delegate application responsibilities to multiple users within and outside the organization, and validate business rules before submission.

ASSIST is a web-based version of the SF424 Adobe PDF forms (grant application package). When you view the pages in an ASSIST application, you will see that the tabs across the top are the same pages that are in the SF424 forms. 

Specific instructions on using the system can be found in the ASSIST User Guide (PDF) and instructional guides at the NIH eRA ASSIST Training page.

Application Access

All users with eRA Commons accounts have the capability to initiate applications in ASSIST.  Initially only the PI and the Authorized Organizational Representative (AOR) have edit rights to the ASSIST application.  Other users (fund managers, project staff, other investigators) must be assigned edit rights by either the PI or AOR.

Review and Submission

When the proposal is ready for OCGA review, be sure an ePD record has been created. Enter the ASSIST Identifier in the Abstract tab in ePD. The ASSIST status should say "Work in Progress" at this time.

For final submission to NIH change the status in ASSIST to "Ready for Submission."  In order to update the submission status, you must validate the application first.

For multi-project applications, each project and core must be validated individually first. The status for each individual component should be updated to Complete, then Final. Then the entire application is validated as a whole and the submission status updated to "Ready for Submission."

For NIH ASSIST submissions by Health Sciences Investigators, please refer to the HS SPPO submission instructions

For more information, contact our main desk at 858-534-3330 or email