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National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)

Find guidance and forms related to working with NASA.

The UC Office of the President requires that PIs sign a Certification that they will comply with “NASA Restrictions on Funding Activity with the Peoples Republic of China.”  This restriction is included in NASA grants and contracts, and it prohibits NASA from funding any joint scientific activity with China.  PIs who receive a direct award or subaward from NASA are required to review, sign, and submit the UCOP-specific Certification to OCGA.  The required Questionnaire and Certification for grants and contracts are available from these links:

Refer to UCOP policy here.  For more information, please contact your OCGA contract officer, which can be found on the RA Activity Dashboard.

NASA Proposal Submittal Portal: NASA uses their NSPIRES electronic systems for most proposal and award management actions. Proposal submission for NASA is completed through NSPIRES.

NSPIRES performs specific error and warning checks before a proposal is submitted.

NASA proposals should be prepared in accordance with the program guidelines and the NASA Guidebook for Proposers.

For more information contact the Client Experience team at