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Working with Sponsors

Find links to information about working with sponsors.

Sponsor Types

In research administration, sponsor refers to the external entity with which UC San Diego enters into an agreement. How you prepare the proposal, how you manage the agreement, and which Sponsored Projects Office (SPO) you work with will vary depending on both sponsor type and agreement type


Things to consider when working with federal sponsors and responding to federal Funding Opportunity Announcements (FAO):

  • Know your deadline. Proposal submission deadlines may be specific and strict. What is the time of the deadline and what time zone is it in?
  • Institutional eligibility. What type of institution is the FAO intended for? How many proposals are allowed per institution? Does the institution or laboratory have the ability, enough resources, and leadership support?
  • PI Eligibility. Does the investigator have the required level of experience?
  • Submission method. Who has access to the system? Who needs approval and submission access in the system?
  • Institutional approval. Who has the institutional authority?
  • Reporting requirements. What are the reporting requirements, e.g. how frequently are they required?


Things to consider when working with industry or for-profit companies:

  • Mix of formally submitted proposals and internal proposals. Sometimes an award is received where no official proposal was submitted to the company.
  • Full IDC required. The Industry sponsor must fund the full cost of research. Work with your SPO to ensure IDC is included correctly on the budget before presenting it to the sponsor.
  • Contact your SPO as early as possible. Which SPO you work with will depend on the agreement type and/or funding mechanism.


Things to consider when working with nonprofit companies:

  • Different IDC. Nonprofit sponsors have their own indirect cost (IDC) policy
  • The size of the company will greatly vary, i.e. very large companies will operate a lot more like federal sponsors might
  • Many nonprofit sponsors use proposalCENTRAL


Consider the following questions when working with foreign universities, governments, for-profit and non-profit companies:

  • Different currency and variable exchange rate. What is the currency? What will the exchange rate be?
  • Language and translation. Which language will be used to negotiate the agreement? Will translation services need to be budgeted?
  • Requirements for animal subjects. Which IRB will be used, if applicable?
  • Conflict of Interest (COI). What COI policy will be used?