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Research: Financial Management

Link to information and resources for the financial management of sponsored project awards.

  • Advance spending: Learn about a renewed and improved program that supports advance spending requests for anticipated sponsored research awards.
  • Audits/ monitoring: Find out about services that can help in the discharge, oversight, and management of your operating responsibilities.
  • Basic responsibilities: Read about responsibilities in post-award administration.
  • Billing: Read about the billing and payment methods for sponsored project awards.
  • Cost Accounting Standards (A21): Find out about cost accounting standards, a major component of fiscal compliance.
  • Effort certification: If you manage funds for federally sponsored projects, become familiar with the Electronic Certification of Effort and Reporting Tool (ECERT).
  • Equipment inventoryLearn how to acquire, manage, and dispose of equipment.
  • Expense transfers: Find information about cost (expense) transfers (payroll and non-payroll).
  • Financial Reporting: Learn how to prepare for final or annual agency reporting for a sponsored project award.
  • Index / fund overview: Find information and guidelines on index and fund numbers for sponsored projects.
  • Overdrafts: Link to information about reporting overdrafts when the expenditures exceed the award or budget allocation.
  • Procurement / Buy & PayInformation about purchasing methods, contracting for services, and working with suppliers.
  • Salary limits: If your department receives funding from NIH, SAMHSA, or AHRQ read the salary limitation (salary cap) guidelines on this page.
  • Training: Find Staff Education and Development courses related to supporting financial processes.