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Self-Supporting Major Codes

See a list of self-supporting major codes.

Note:  An asterisk (*) denotes that this major has been discontinued or phased out, and is no longer available to be added as a major.

Department or program Major codes Major
Computer Science and Engineering CS82 Archtctr-BsdEntrprSystmsEngrng
CS83 Wireless Embedded Systems
CS84 Wireless Embedded Systems
CS85 Data Science and Engineering
CS86 Wireless Embedded Systems
CS87 Data Science and Engineering
Electrical and Computer Engineering EC88 Wireless Embedded Systems
EC89 Wireless Embedded Systems
EC91 Wireless Embedded Systems
Family Medicine and Public Health FM75 Master of Public Health
School of Global Policy & Strategy (formerly International Relations and Pacific Studies) IR77 International Affairs
Master of Advanced Studies Program AS76 Leadership/ Health Care Organization
AS79 Clinical Research
AS81* Marine Biodiversity and Conservation
AS83 Health Policy and Law (Joint MAS with CWSL)
Rady School of Management RS77* Master of Business Administration
RS78 Master of Business Administration
RS80 Master of Business Administration
RS81 Master of Business Administration
RS82 Master of Finance
RS83 Business Analytics
RS87 Business Analytics
RS88 Master of Business Administration
RS89 Master of Business Administration
RS90 Master of Business Administration
RS84 Master of Business Administration
RS85 Master of Finance
RS91 Professional Accountancy
RS92 Business Analytics
RS93 Business Analytics
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering MC85 Medical Devices Engineering
MC86 Medical Devices Engineering
MC87 Medical Devices Engineering
Scripps Institution of Oceanography SI83 Marine Biodiversity & Conservation
SI84 Climate Science and Policy
Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences PH77 Drug Development and Product Management
Structural Engineering SE78 Structural Health Monitoring
SE79 Simulation-Based Engineering