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Budget & Finance Glossary

Use these definitions to help you understand terms and concepts related to ESR, Budget, and Finance.

Term  Description
Activity Hubs Data from each ESR-related system will be stored in the following hubs: student, alumni, employee, research, facilities, and financial data. The Activity Hubs will reduce duplicated and incorrect data, improve the overall quality of stored data, and streamline the process for accessing data. (Activity Hubs)
Business Intelligence

The integration of business policy and process with data to make data-driven decisions. There will be three BI avenues for campus:

  • Oracle Financials Cloud BI tools to access Oracle financial data
  • Cognos from Financial Activity Hub (FAH) to access legacy financial data, Oracle financial data, and other Activity Hub data
  • FinLink and Querylink to access legacy financial data
Collab and Jira Confluence is an online space for communication and documentation. Jira is a Project Management Software managed by ITS-PRO and built to plan, track, release software/system, and report. Utilized by project team members for time tracking.Confluence or Jira Access Requests
Chart of Accounts (CoA) COA User Guide
Oracle Financials Cloud (OFC) OFC will be UC San Diego’s modern, intuitive solution to effectively plan, budget, manage and steward the university's assets and resources. It will be replacing IFIS. (Campus Notice - Oracle)
Hypercare Period of time immediately following a system go-live where an elevated level of support is available to ensure the seamless adoption of a new system.
Cutover Plan and management of the transition of systems, processes, and documents (for instance open POs or MyTravel trips, supplier profiles, and outstanding invoices) Cutover Schedule
Financial Information System (FIS) UC San Diego’s new FIS will be Oracle Financials Cloud. The system will be used to track and report on financial data.

The FIS project is focused on campus and medical center financial business processes and systems for the general ledger, expense and revenue management, financial reporting and budget governance.
Minimally Viable Product (MVP) Technology that meets the basic, fundamental needs of the user, before it is comprehensively built out
Natural Account   The Oracle equivalent of an account code used to categorize purchases
POET-AF POET are additional fields in the CoA that will be used for project designation. Sponsored projects will require the additional ‘AF’ elements. POET-AF is comprised of the following elements: Project Number, Expenditure Organization, Expenditure Types, Task Number, Award Number, and Funding Sources.
Project A project is a collection of financial activities and is similar to the fund sources/indexes used in IFIS.
Fixed Assets (FA) Oracle Financials Cloud system of record for capital assets
SAP Concur

A fully integrated travel booking and expense management system

Concur Travel & Expense: Glossary

Project Portfolio Management (PPM) Oracle Financials Cloud offering that includes grant management, project costing, and project billing and contracts modules.
Sustainment (Sustain) Post go-live focus on governance, management, organization, people, process, delivery, and service technology
WalkMe WalkMe has been selected by the Enterprise Systems Renewal (ESR) program as UC San Diego’s digital adoption platform (DAP). When applied, it takes the guesswork out of new systems and processes by providing step-by-step guidance overlaid onto the user interface. WalkMe is used to augment training and accelerating system adoption by adding in-system help when you need it.
ServiceNow UC San Diego Services & Support portal
RACTA Resource and Cost Transfer Application
SPARCM Sponsored Projects Account Receivable and Cash Management: tool for invoicing and financial reporting
Approve  An action taken in OFC to approve a transaction that has been routed to an employee for review.
Approval Workflow (WF) Electronic approval process for transactions in the Oracle and Concur system. Transactions in OFC are automatically assigned to Financial Unit Approvers.
Delegate An employee to whom another employee grants the ability to (1) enter expenses and/or (2) approve transactions on his/her behalf.
Commitment Refers to the encumbrance type for approved requisitions.
Preparer or Requisitioner The employee that prepares a transaction in OFC to include Expense Reports and Purchase Requisitions.
Budget Terms Budget Glossary
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