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Biennial Inventory Validation

Learn how to do an equipment inventory.

Inventorial Equipment has a total acquisition cost of $5,000 or more, and must be tracked in CAMS (Campus Asset Management System). Inventorial equipment funded by a government entity requires contract considerations for inventory control. For a complete listing of definitions for all items the University is required to track, please see the BFB-BUS-29: Management and Control of University Equipment and the property terms of each applicable award.

At least every two years, every department must take a physical inventory of all University Inventorial Equipment, Government Inventorial Equipment, Other Government Property, and Other Inventorial Items, in accordance with UC Policy BUS 29, Section J.

Note: You can request a complete equipment inventory list at any time by accessing CAMS. If you haven't already, or would like to refresh your memory, you may sign up for the Campus Asset Management Training course.

  1. Using the Validation tab in CAMS, departments certify that the Make, Model, Serial Number, Building, Room, and PI/Custodian fields are correct and that each asset has a UCID tag.
  2. After an inventory effort has been exhausted, the department is responsible for the proper disposal and/or transfer of any equipment no longer in their custody. 
  3. Equipment Management validates a percentage of the campus' assets for verification. This percentage is set by Equipment Management prior to inventory cycle.
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