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Student Accounts: Late Fees

Find out about student account late fees, holds, and administrative hearings.

Student Business Services assesses late fees and places holds on student accounts when fees are not paid on-time.

Late fees

  • Apply only to students
  • Are assessed only on past due accounts of $50 or more
  • Amount to $25 each month late for up to 3 months
  • Are not assessed on outstanding voluntary charges such as CalPirg
  • Are not assessed on outstanding billing statements if the late charge is the only detail outstanding
  • Are not charged for late registration or similar reasons when a late charge has already been assessed, except on the second billing if the student still has not paid his/ her bill that incurred the late fee
  • Are not charged on bills waiting for financial aid if aid is awarded late due to actions of the university


Holds will be placed on student accounts for student debt that is deemed delinquent.


An administrative hearing is an informal proceeding without attorneys, and the technical rules of evidence do not apply.

  • Disputed charges under $200 are reviewed by an impartial university representative.
  • Disputed charges over $200 are reviewed by a 3-person committee, including a student body representative.
  • Students must be registered during the current or previous quarter to request a hearing.
  • The charge will be placed on hold, and the university will take no collection action or sanction until a ruling is rendered.
  • Students can present witnesses and documentary evidence.
  • Students can question the representative of the department that placed the charge.
  • The representative or committee will render a decision after the hearing regarding either the total or a portion of the debt. The reviewer(s) then forwards the findings to Student Business Services, which notifies the student and the invoicing department.
  • If the charge or any part of it is ruled valid and remains unpaid 30 days after the ruling, Student Business Services will take action to collect the debt.
For other questions or problems, contact Student Financial Solutions through the UC San Diego Services & Support portal or call the Finance Help Line at (858) 246-4237.