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Invoicing and Credit Memos

Learn about the guidelines and procedures for invoices and credit memos.

A UCSD department may bill student, employee, government agency, and general public accounts in two ways:

  1. A batch load feed process, which is done electronically for a large number of invoices needed on a regular basis. 
  2. A UCSD invoice.

Learn about the UCSD invoice process for your department, UBS, and Student FInancial Solutions

1. Department generates invoice

Immediately distribute all copies of the completed Invoice as follows:
  • Forward invoice copy and remittance copy to the customer.
  • Send a copy (UBS copy) to the Student Financial Solutions Office
  • Retain a copy in the department’s files according to retention management procedures.

If you need to adjust an existing UCSD invoice for an erroneous billing, prepare a UCSD Credit Memo. Immediately distribute all three copies of the completed Credit Memo as follows:

  • Original copy goes to the customer
  • Second copy goes to the UBS Office
  • Retain the third copy in your originating department

2. University Billing Services reviews and enters invoice

Student Financial Solutions UBS performs the following steps:

  • Reviews documents for accuracy and completeness
  • Verifies and corrects inaccurate documents 
  • Key-enters UCSD ISIS invoices on the account. Each batch of invoices is balanced against the key entry session activity tracation screen. UBS corrects any documents that have been processed erroneously. 
  • Issues status reports. These include:
    • Past Due Balance
    • Recommended for Write-Off
    • Final Write-Off
    • AR Aging Reports for Vice Chancellor areas

3. University Billing Services sends monthly Aging Report

Student Financial Solutions UBS sends a monthly Unpaid Charges (Aging) Report to departments that documents unpaid charges. Each department is responsible for using this report or the Accounts Receivable Aging Queries to perform in-house collections efforts/follow-up and to facilitate timely and proper payment of the invoice.

For other questions or problems, contact Student Financial Solutions through the UC San Diego Services & Support portal or call the Finance Help Line at (858) 246-4237.