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Invoicing and Credit Memos

Learn about the guidelines and procedures for invoices and credit memos.

A UCSD department may bill student, employee, government agency, and general public accounts in two ways:

  1. A batch load feed process, which is done electronically for a large number of invoices needed on a regular basis. 
  2. A UCSD invoice.

Learn about the UCSD invoice process for your department, UBS, and Student FInancial Solutions

1. Department generates invoice

To generate an invoice, see the Blink webpage How to Process a UCSD Invoice. Immediately distribute all copies of the completed Invoice as follows:
  • Forward invoice copy and remittance copy to the customer.
  • Send a copy (UBS copy) to the Student Financial Solutions Office
  • Retain a copy in the department’s files according to retention management procedures.

If you need to adjust an existing UCSD invoice for an erroneous billing, prepare a UCSD Credit Memo. Immediately distribute all three copies of the completed Credit Memo as follows:

  • Original copy goes to the customer
  • Second copy goes to the UBS Office
  • Retain the third copy in your originating department

2. University Billing Services reviews and enters invoice

Student Financial Solutions UBS performs the following steps:

  • Reviews documents for accuracy and completeness
  • Verifies and corrects inaccurate documents 
  • Key-enters UCSD ISIS invoices on the account. Each batch of invoices is balanced against the key entry session activity tracation screen. UBS corrects any documents that have been processed erroneously. 
  • Issues status reports. These include:
    • Past Due Balance
    • Recommended for Write-Off
    • Final Write-Off
    • AR Aging Reports for Vice Chancellor areas

3. University Billing Services sends monthly Aging Report

Student Financial Solutions UBS sends a monthly Unpaid Charges (Aging) Report to departments that documents unpaid charges. Each department is responsible for using this report or the Accounts Receivable Aging Queries to perform in-house collections efforts/follow-up and to facilitate timely and proper payment of the invoice.

For more information, contact Tracy Stutts, (858) 534-6806