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Oracle Supplier Invoices

Read this page for important information about processing supplier invoices at UCSD.

If you're looking for information about invoices you send to external customers for services or goods, see Contract and Invoice Creation (Accounts Receivable).

If you're looking for information about invoices you send to students for services or goods your department provides, see How to Process a UCSD Invoice (Student Financial Solutions).

The Invoice Process

When a department buys goods or services through Oracle, the site automatically creates and sends a purchase order to the supplier. UCSD PO’s are ten digits long and are formatted as PURnnnnnnn. It is the responsibility of the department to create a Purchase Order before goods and services are received.

The supplier then submits an invoice to UCSD electronically or through Payment Compass to request payment. The supplier's invoice must include the PO number and information about the goods or services, such as remit to address, ship to address (for tax purposes), invoice date, quantity ordered, unit price, total amount due and reflects the predetermined payment terms and conditions. See Invoicing Best Practices.

Billing Options

  1. Transcepta - Transcepta Global Supplier Network is an electronic invoicing network that transmits UCSD supplier invoices directly into Oracle. Departments cannot submit invoices on behalf of a supplier registered with Transcepta. Transcepta is UCSD's recommended invoicing option for suppliers who submit 5+ invoices annually.
  2. Payment Compass - Both departments or suppliers can submit invoices through the Payment Compass portal directly to Accounts Payable for processing. Preferred for suppliers who submit less that 5 invoices annually. Additionally, Payment Compass allows you to view payment status & detailed payment information on any invoices that have been received. For more information and training videos click here

Non Invoice Documents

The documents below are related to purchasing goods or services, but are not considered invoices and no payment will be issued:

  • Statements
  • Packing slips
  • Sales order acknowledgements
  • Purchase orders
  • Receipts
  • Pro forma invoice
  • Estimates / quotes
  • Shipping confirmations
  • Work orders

Invoice Status

Disbursements processes payment to suppliers by matching the invoices received to the Purchase Order and ensures payments are made within agreed terms. However, departments are responsible for verifying the charges on their ledger and contacting the supplier in case of discrepancies. 

Departments can use these methods to monitor the invoice process:

Payment Compass

Log into Payment Compass to view the status of an invoice, view payment information for an invoice or print a copy of an invoice.  More information and training about Payment Compass can be found on the Payment Compass Blink page.

Review our video guide to learn how to check the status of invoices submitted against UC San Diego purchase orders.

Invoice Information In Oracle

To view an invoice, log onto Oracle, then:

  1. From the Oracle landing page, click on the Invoices tab.
  2. From the task bar on the right side of the page, click on the magnifying glass icon.
  3. Enter your invoice number in the Invoice number field and click Search
  4. To view invoice details, click on the hyperlinked invoice number
  5. From the Document screen, the following fields are displayed         

Invoice Tolerances

  • Oracle matches invoice values to purchase order values and places an invoice on hold or advances the invoice to approval workflow or payment based upon the following tolerance settings/parameters:
    • 10% of Invoice Line Amount vs. Purchase Order Line Amount
    • 10% of Invoice Line Quantity/Price vs. Purchase Order Line Quantity/Price
  • Invoices totaling an amount of $100 or less that are on hold for one of the above reasons are released routinely by Disbursements. The university generally owes the amount charged by the supplier, and the overpayment risk is minimal.

Review shipping charges

UC San Diego is leveraging the UC system-wide strategically sourced relationship with Vantage Point Logistics (VPL) to partner with the UC contracted carrier, UPS, to manage and monitor inbound freight charges. VPL monitors supplier shipping charges and submits them electronically through Marketplace.

Shipping charges will be listed separately from the Purchase Order on the Operating Ledgers and VPL will be noted as the supplier for either UPS or FedEx charges. Note that handling charges are separate from shipping charges and will continue to be invoiced directly from the supplier who fulfilled the PO, not from VPL.

Here is an example of how it will look in FinLink:

supplier invoices in finlink

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