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How to Process Federal Express Bills

Find out how to process Federal Express bills.

This is the preferred method for sending Federal Express shipments. For shipments created outside of ShipIt, send Federal Express bills to Outbound Shipping for payment. If you receive an invoice directly from Federal Express, follow the steps below.

1. Carefully review the invoice to identify any discrepancies.

Check the:

  • Billing and shipping contact information
  • Sender and recipient addresses
  • Amount charged for each transaction

Contact FedEx at (800) 622-1147 to request adjustments or dispute any charges (i.e. bill to another account.)

2. Verify index indicated for each shipment or transaction is correct and valid.

  • Invoices are processed at shipment or transaction level, so a different index may be used for each.
  • If an index is missing or incorrect, correct and indicate on the bill.

3. Forward reviewed invoices to the Outbound Shipping Team.

  • Include your name and phone number with the bill
  • Make a copy of the bill for your records
  • Send the bill to Outbound Shipping, Mail Code 0046, email to:
  • Indicate account fiscal contacts for Outbound Shipping to include in future invoice correspondences.

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