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Payment Compass

Learn more about the IPPS Payment Compass application, which will simplify the way payees do business with UC San Diego

Payment CompassPayment Compass is a new application designed to change the way payees do business with UC San Diego. It has two main focus areas:

  1. Consolidated access to Payment Status information for UC San Diego employees and external Payees
  2. A streamlined payee registration process for Marketplace (MyPayments and MyTravel coming soon)

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Payment Status

Step 1: Access Payment Compass

Log in to PaymentCompass.ucsd.edu/sso

 payment compass payment status

Step 2: Search for a Payee

Search by the Payee’s, Payee/IFIS ID, or a transaction ID from Marketplace, MyPayments, MyTravel or MyEvents.

Tip: Name searches will search across the Payee’s legal name as entered in IFIS, which may not be the name you know the Payee by. If you can’t find a Payee by name, try using a transaction ID number!

Tip: Looking to check the status of a payment being issued to you? Click the ‘Payments Made to Me’ link under ‘Quick Search’ to be taken to your own payments.

Note: External Payees will not see this search page. They will only be able to see information related to their own payments, while UC San Diego employees (and sponsored affiliates) logging in via Single Sign-on will be able to search by payee to check the payment status for the payees they work with.

Step 3: Review Transactions

All pending and completed transactions for the payee will display (Payment Compass currently only includes transactions processed after 7/1/2016).

Tip: Use the Filters on the right to find a specific transaction.

payment compass payment details

Information included for each transaction:             

  • UCSD Document Number – This is where the Invoice Number, Trip Number, Advance Number, or MyPayments ID will display.
  • Transaction Reference – Where additional information about the transaction can be found, like trip dates and destination for Travel events, or the PO Number and Supplier’s Invoice number for Marketplace Invoices.
  • Amount – The amount of the transaction. This is the amount of the payment the Payee will receive (Note: this may be different than the amount the department was charged). This number serves as an estimate while the transaction is in process, but will change to a hyperlink once payment is issued and will include information about any discounts or taxes that may have affected the amount of the payment.
  • Last Updated On – This will show the last time the document was updated and can serve as an indicator of how long something has been in a particular status.
  • Status –This field shows the Status of the transactions. We’re using consistent statuses and terminology across all IPPS applications. Invoices or payment requests will route through the following sequence of status steps prior to being paid:
    1. Received: The invoice has been received and it is being entered into our eProcurement system. 
    2. Pending AP Review: The invoice is being matched to an existing purchase order within our eProcurement system.
    3. Pending Department Review: The invoice or payment request is being reviewed by the campus department who requested the goods/services.
    4. Pending Final Review: The invoice or payment request is being reviewed for any required tax considerations or exceptions to policy.
    5. Payment Scheduled for MM/DD/YYYY: The payment has been approved and scheduled for the date indicated.
    6. Paid: Payment has been issued. Click on the 'Paid' hyperlink to view payment details for that transaction.

         Other exception-based statuses you may occasionally see: 

Received, Requires Research: The invoice has been received but requires additional information or research before it can be entered into our eProcurement system.

Paid by Wire: Payment has been issued for this invoice or payment request via a wire payment.

Canceled: This transaction was canceled, likely due to entry errors, a revised invoice was required, or the department disputed the charges. If you do not see a replacement transaction entered, get in touch with your department contact for more information.

Step 4: Invite an Existing Payee to View Payment Status

When you’re reviewing payments to an existing payee, you can select “Invite Payee to View Payment Status” from the list of Available Actions.  You’ll be taken to the Company Contacts page for that payee. Any contacts associated with that Payee account will display. You can click to invite an existing contact to Payment Compass, or enter the email address of a new contact.

Note: You cannot invite anyone with a UCSD email address. Employees must log in via Single Sign-On, and soon Student Single Sign-On will be available.

Click on Review Contact Audit Log to see a snapshot of contacts, when they were invited (or removed) and by whom.

payment compass payee details


Payee Registration

Step 1: Access Payment Compass

Log in to PaymentCompass.ucsd.edu/sso

Step 2: Request a New Payee

  1. Click on the Go to PaymentCompass.ucsd.edu/sso
  2. Enter the Payee’s Name/Company name and email address
  • Payment Compass will check against active Payees in IFIS to see if the company name already exists in IFIS.

 payment compass new payee request

Step 3: Payee Receives Invitation to Register

  1. Payee will receive an email inviting them to register to do business with UC San Diego.
  2. The email will contain a link to Payment Compass when the payee clicks on the link, they’ll:
    1. Be asked to create a username/password for Payment Compass, or sign in using social media authentication providers: Google, LinkedIn or Facebook
    2. Be asked to provide their contact information
    3. Be taken to the registration form

Step 4: Payee Completes Registration Form

  1. The Payment Compass Registration form is dynamic – creating a custom set of questions for each payee based on who they are and the goods/services they’ll be providing to UCSD.
  2. If the Payee has any questions, they can pause filling out the form, and either come back to it later or invite someone else from their company to help them fill it out (By going to Company > Company Contacts and inviting a coworker to Payment Compass).
  3. Once submitted, the form cannot be edited.

 Payment Compass Registration

Step 5: IPPS Reviews Completed Registration Form and Setups up Payee

  1. Campus requestor is notified that the payee has submitted their form and that IPPS is reviewing it
  2. Procurement Services reviews any employee-supplier relationship disclosures, when applicable
  3. Supplier Setup Team creates payee profile in IFIS and Marketplace.
  4. Campus is informed their payee is available.
  5. ASK Cases will be created to trigger other IPPS reviews, when applicable:
    1. Direct Deposit payment method established by Payment Services
    2. Foreign Individual/Entity tax review by Tax team
    3. Small Business/Diversity Classification review by SBDO team

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