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Statement of Work Examples

The examples on this page illustrate how you can complete your Statement of Work.


A Statement of Work contains essential information regarding the work that will be performed by an independent contractor. Do not submit this document to Procurement & Contracts, but use it as a guide when you are completing the Services iRequest in Marketplace, specifically the 'Describe services' section.


To help you format the Statement of Work, use the examples below.

Example 1 — Statement of Work for Personal Services

  1. Project scope: Provide technical writing services for the NOA project
  2. Period of performance: April 1 through June 30, 2002.
  3. UCSD project manager: P.I. Barnie Dunn.
  4. Title: NOA Grant #R01 43462-2
  5. Physical location: Work will be performed off campus at vendor's address.
  6. Supplies and equipment: No University supplies or equipment will be used.
  7. Payment rate: 50 hours @ $60.00 per hour
  8. Total not to exceed: $3,000.00.
  9. Payment terms: No discount, vendor will invoice bimonthly.
  10. Employee-vendor relationship: An employee-vendor relationship exists, Employee-Vendor Disclosure form faxed to Procurement & Contracts.
  11. Worker's citizenship: Vendor is U.S. Citizen.

Example 2 — Statement of Work for Professional Services

  1. Project scope: Provide applicant recruitment services designed to target under-represented groups, develop applicant pools for identified job groups, and promote UCSD as an employer of choice for diverse populations.
  2. Deliverables:
    1. Recruitment services report due 4/1/02
    2. Applicant pools per job group due 5/1/02
    3. Marketing promotion report/schedule due 6/1/02
  3. Period of performance: 1/15/02 - 6/30/02
  4. UCSD project manger: Assoc. V.C. Barnie Dunn.
  5. Title: n/a
  6. Physical location: Work will be performed on and off campus.
  7. Supplies and equipment: Vendor will use office computer/ supplies when working on campus.
  8. Payment rate: Flat fee $15,000
  9. Total not to exceed: $15,000.00.
  10. Payment terms: Vendor will invoice UCSD upon delivery of each deliverable.
  11. Employee-vendor relationship: Vendor is not related to, and has no past/ current affiliation with, any UC employee.
  12. Worker's citizenship: n/a.

Note: Many contractors provide a proposal or service agreement. Procurement & Contracts must review these documents before they can be included in the purchase order. You can't use these documents in place of a Statement of Work.