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UC Learning Center: Log in Help

Learn how to log in to the UC Learning Center.

Log in to UC Learning Center directly or follow the instructions below for guidance logging in.

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Obtaining a UC San Diego Logon ID

You will need an active UCSD Logon ID (either business systems account or active directory) to access the UC Learning Center.

Faculty, Staff, & Student Employees

Your business systems (sometimes also called single sign-on) account is the username and password you use to access business tools such as the link family, MyServices, and other central applications.


If you are not an employee or student you should receive a single sign-on username/ password from the security administrator in your sponsoring department.

Health Sciences/ Medical Center Employees

Your active directory account is the username and password you use to sign in to Outlook. All UCSD employees are assigned an active directory account upon hire.

Health Sciences/ Medical Center Non-Employees

If you are performing work at the Medical Center/ Health System but are not an employee, you will need to have a username/ password set up. Go to: http://mycourses.ucsd.edu.

Browser Requirements

Supported Browsers

UC San Diego users can access the UC Learning Center with any of these browsers:

  • Internet Explorer (Versions 6-11)
  • Firefox (Versions 14-30)
  • Safari (Versions 5-7)
  • Chrome (Version 37)

Other browsers may also be used, but are not officially supported. It is recommended that only supported browsers be used for eCourses to ensure proper tracking of completions.

Pop-up Blockers

Pop-up blockers must be disabled to access the UC Learning Center. Read more information on disabling pop-up blockers (PDF).

Log in to the UC Learning Center


Login to the UC Learning Center by going to https://uclearning.ucsd.edu 
UC Learning Center Sign On

  1. On the UC San Diego Logon screen, choose to sign-on with:
    • Faculty, Staff, and Student Employees: Business Systems or Active Directory (AD), or
    • Affiliates: Business Systems
  2. Enter your UCSD Logon ID and Password and then click Sign In.

Health Sciences/ Medical Center

  1. Login to the UC Learning Center by going to mycourses.ucsd.edu
  2. Select UCSD Employee or Non-UCSD Employee and follow the directions provided
  3. Enter your Logon ID and Password and then click Sign In

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