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Job Offer Resources

After completing the recruitment and selection process, identifying the final candidate, and checking references, the hiring manager may extend a conditional offer of employment.

A conditional offer of employment is a job offer contingent on the satisfactory completion the special conditions identified for the position, such as a criminal history conviction background check for critical positions.

Salary setting is based on experience and internal equity. It is unlawful to set wages based on a candidate’s past pay history.

Prior to extending an offer, Hiring Managers should have confirmed that the salary offer has been approved by department approvers and HR/Talent Acquisition.

The resources below can assist in securing the candidate's acceptance of the offer.

Benefits Summary

UC benefits are a valuable part of the offer and should always be explained before or during the offer.  It can be helpful to send the link to the summary of UC benefits video to prospective employees.

Total Compensation Estimator

The value of your UC San Diego employment goes beyond salary. Candidates can simulate a personalized estimate of total compensation using the Total Compensation Estimator

Moving/Relocation Expenses

Move/relocation expenses include the reasonable costs of moving household goods and personal effects to a new residence. These expenses also include the cost of travel to the new location for the eligible appointee/employee and members of the household. Before offering expenses, hiring managers shall obtain department approvals. For information and the HR approval process visit: Move/Relocation Expenses: Overview

Hiring Bonus

Allows hiring managers to provide hiring bonuses to external candidates as part of the University's hiring offer. Hiring bonuses support UC San Diego's objective to attract talented external candidates. In addition, the hiring bonus—a non-base-building cash payment—is intended to make the hiring offer market-competitive and assist in securing the candidate's acceptance of the offer.

Before offering a hiring bonus, the hiring manager shall obtain department approvals and document the business justification for the bonus, confirm that the justification and bonus amount are consistent with local practice, and route the request to Talent Acquisition for review and CHRO and UCOP approval.


1. Candidate cannot be a current UC employee.

2. Candidate cannot have been employed by the University during the 12 months prior to the proposed rehire date.

3. Candidate position classification cannot be Senior Management Group (SMG).

4. Proposed candidate total cash compensation offer, which includes hiring bonus amount, must be below the Indexed Compensation Level (ICL) of $369,200 (as of 9/1/2022).

5. Candidate must meet any additional UC location eligibility requirements.



1. Total hiring bonus amount cannot exceed a maximum of 10% of the starting annual base salary.

2. A hiring bonus cannot be used in place of a relocation payment, which is intended to offset a portion of the candidate’s costs associated with accepting the University’s employment offer and relocating.

3. The candidate’s offer letter should detail the hiring bonus payment, and repayment provisions should the recipient separate from University employment before completing the agreed upon years of service, which the candidate then agrees to by signing the offer letter.


External candidates for policy covered PSS and MSP positions. 


Department is responsible for processing the hiring bonus payment in UCPath:

> Paypath > Additional Pay > Earnings Code: SBO (Sign-On Bonus)


Contact your Talent Acquisition Advisor to request a hiring bonus.


California Pay Transparency Act

The University is committed to pay equity and pay transparency during the recruitment process. Assembly Bill 168 and Senate Bill 1162 expand pay equity and pay transparency by requiring California employers to disclose pay scales and prohibit the employer from seeking or relying on applicant salary history information in the recruitment process.

Effective January 1, 2023, California Senate Bill 1162 requires employers to disclose pay scales on all position postings.

All of our job postings include the following:

  • Expected Pay Scale, which is the expected hiring range. This is the reasonable, budgeted estimate of the offered compensation range for this role that takes into account the wide range of factors that are considered in making compensation decisions including but not limited to experience, skills, knowledge, abilities, education, licensure and certifications, and other business and organizational needs. Salary offers are determined based on final candidate qualifications and experience.

  • Full Salary Range, which is the minimum to the maximum of a specific title code. The full salary range allows applicants to reference the potential salary growth for the position.


For more information, please review the UC California Pay Transparency and Applicant Salary Inquiry Restrictions website.

Rate Setting Guidelines (coming soon)

For more information about UC San Diego's full interview, selection process and best practices, in addition to the Managing Implicit Bias in the Hiring Process required training please also review the following eCourses available via the UC Learning Center:  

For more information, reach out to your Talent Acquisition contact in Human Resources