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How to Request a Service Credit Award

Find out what Service Credit is and how to request a service credit award.

Service credit refers to an employee's length of service with the University of California, the University's Office of the President (UCOP), California State Universities, Department of Energy Laboratories and other State of California Agencies. 

There are three types of service credits:  

  1. Service credit for retirement purposes,
  2. Service credit or seniority points for layoff purposes, and
  3. Service credit for vacation leave accrual and for purposes of awarding service pins.

The information on this page relates to service credit calculations for vacation leave accrual and for service awards. For retirement service credit information, contact Benefits at 858-534-2816 or benefits@ucsd.edu. For seniority point information, contact the Employee Relations, Policy Development and Work/Life at 858-534-4115 or employeerelations@ucsd.edu.  


Staff employees are eligible for service awards when they have achieved 10 or more years of service, at 5-year intervals (10, 15, 20, etc.):

  • 10 and 15 years - UC seal lapel pin from award vendor
  • 20 years - UC seal lapel pin and award from award vendor
  • 25, 30 and 35 years - UC seal lapel pin and award brochure from award vendor
  • 40+ years - UC seal lapel pin from Records and award brochure from award vendor

Participating organizational areas:

  • Chancellor's Office
  • Academic Affairs
  • Advancement
  • Equity, Diversity and Inclusion
  • Marine Sciences
  • Research
  • Resource Management and Planning
  • Student Affairs
  • Vice Chancellor and Chief Financial Officer

Requesting a service award

Departments should request service awards for eligible employees at least 60 days prior to the service anniversary date. There is no cost to the department or employee for the service credit award program. The following links outline the procedures to calculate service credit and obtain a service award.

Note: All forms below are in PDF format and are fillable, may be saved, printed, and e-mailed. To view these documents, you must download the latest version of Adobe Reader.

Once Records verifies the information, an email will be sent to the department contact to verify information and submit supervisor and department head names for the annual Service Awards Ceremony.

Health Sciences

UC San Diego Health Sciences and UC San Diego Health employees can find out more information about the Health Sciences Human Resources program.

Note: This page has a friendly link that's easy to remember: http://blink.ucsd.edu/go/servicepins


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