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EmployeeLink gives you access to employee reports, transactional and entry services and processes, and policies.

EmployeeLink serves the informational and operational needs of central office and departmental personnel who deal with payroll and other employee data on a regular basis

EmployeeLink Portal Upgrade

IT Services (then ACT) released a new Employeelink Portal on July 1, 2012 for the new fiscal year, replacing aging technology more than a decade old. In addition to the technology upgrade, the look and feel of the website has been given a refresh to be consistent with the rest of Blink and the Link family of applications. Finally, following the portal concept, the new home page is now tailored to the individual user logged in through Single Sign-On. This includes a real-time dashboard of pending approvals (EPET, MyTimeEntry, etc), the addition of MyBlink custom links, and a new dynamic calendar of events containing all HR and Payroll key dates.

Who can use

Because of the special security requirements involved, most services within EmployeeLink are only available to those who have been assigned departmental or general PPS Online inquiry or update access rights. Some special services, such as Merit and Time entry, require additional access rights. To use these services, you should understand UC Payroll and Personnel information and terminology.

To get approval to use EmployeeLink, contact your Departmental Security Administrator (DSA).


About EmployeeLink offers a detailed overview. Following is a list of reports and services currently available through EmployeeLink:

Employee reports:

  • Employee history
  • The General Selection, Other (Population) and Other (History) reports have been replaced by the Employee Roster and Employee Hire Easy Queries. The new queries provide greater flexibility, ease of use, and consistency with other Data Warehouse query and reporting applications. Click the Queries link on the left side of the EmployeeLink home page and select Employee Easy Queries.
Transactional and entry services:
  • PPS Web Functions — View PPS Employee Data, and view and add comments to Post Authorization Notification (PAN) notes.
  • Web Merit — Enter employee merit information.
  • Timekeeping — Enter employee specific departmental timekeeping data.

Data retrieval

Employee data from the Data Warehouse is easy to access with QueryLink. You can get the results you want quickly without knowing a programming language. Click the Queries link on the left side of the EmployeeLink home page.

For more information, go to EmployeeLink.